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Old 2004-08-26, 09:16 PM   [Ignore Me] #1
Crash Crash Crash!!

Damn it, I don't know what has become of this game. It used to run stable all the time, now it crashes at least twice an HOUR. Sometimes I'll even log in and get constant crashes within the first minute. Log in, play 10 seconds, crash/hard lock, repeat three or four times.

I've updated my drivers to the 4.8 cats, then uninstalled them and reinstalled them again to ensure it was perfectly clean. Checked for all the latest hardware drivers (all up to date via driver/BIOS monitoring). Went and got the new DirectX 9.0c. Yet, I, and many others, seem to be faced with instability issues since Battle Islands.

Anybody else have to put up with this crap a lot? Are there any suggested tweaks to make it less frequent or fixed? I tried setting that Direct3D value to true like the patch notes suggested, that actually seemed to make it worst. These are usually CTDs, but often it occurs on the global map and it actually hard locks to the point where I have to cut the power to my PC. They are totally random. Sometimes it happens when I'm sitting in sanctuary, sometimes it happens when I fire the first bullet out of my gun, sometimes it happens when my enemy fires. MOST of them seem to happen as soon as an action starts. I spawn a Prowler, and it crashes when it first appears out of the vehicle bay. I turn left, and crash. I start running, crash. Etc, etc.

Pardon my language, but this is BULLSHIT. Bad enough I get insta-gibbed by half of the NC guns
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Old 2004-08-26, 09:28 PM   [Ignore Me] #2
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Dude, you've got a Dell.

Actually, I have no idea. Sorry to hear that.

In all honesty, Dells, Compaqs, and Alienwares can be VERY unreliable.

You could run a spyware check.
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Old 2004-08-26, 10:43 PM   [Ignore Me] #3
Cauldron Borne

This happens often the first few weeks of a major patch. report EXACTLY what happens as often as you can, and expect to see a fixing patch in a week or so.
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Old 2004-08-27, 04:03 PM   [Ignore Me] #4
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though i have a better comp than that, it happens on mine frequently too. Not nearly as often, and only in certain situations like it'll sometimes crash when i go to ceryshen

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Old 2004-08-27, 05:06 PM   [Ignore Me] #5

The only bad thing that happens to me is that I CTD when driving a Switchblade and shooting it. It is really annoying because I basically cant use the switchblade anymore.
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Old 2004-08-27, 05:13 PM   [Ignore Me] #6
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My computer was locking up a lot since the Battle Island patch too, until an outfit member pointed out the workaround in the patch log. Has helped me a lot...
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