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Old 2003-11-21, 08:46 AM   [Ignore Me] #1
First Lieutenant
New patch today!!!!111one

Sorry if this is OFN, but I haven't seen a post on it yet. If it is, I'll climb Mt. Cyssor and Hamma can blow me up with his lightning as a form of public execution.

At 3 AM on November 21, we will be releasing a patch with the following changes:
* When a player activates an implant, stamina drain will begin immediately. This is to prevent players from "flickering" implants on and off to avoid the drain.
* You can now create modules of all types in every cavern. The non powered modules are no longer acquired from the capture point, there are 6 places to pick up the modules in the building now.
* Active geowarps on continents now appear on global map.
* The avatar "special ability" key (aka the "toggle stealth" key) was moved from the General keymap to the Soldier keymap.
* Added a pane to the Keymapping options for MAX armor that allows players to override the "Special Ability" and "Jump" keymappings in the Soldier Pane.
* Previously, Module Receptacles could take damage if they were holding a module. Now they are always invulnerable.
* Dropped modules now appear as neutral on the overhead maps.
* Time-to-Hack and LLU lifespan info should be available at ALL facilities (NOT caverns) for all clients.
* Caverns are now laid out in a ring on the global map.
* Building object sounds will stop when a facility has no power (exceptions are the Resource Silo and Control Console).
* Players must now leave a geowarp's warp bubble before they can warp again.Performance
* Certain rendering properties, animations and effects have been optimized to improve framerates - especially in heavy combat situations.
Bug Fixes
* Players can no longer bypass the reload time for weapons by holstering them and drawing them again.
* Players will no longer be propelled from AMS spawn tubes at high speeds and take damage for it.
* Implant and macro icons in the hotbar will no longer swap between players.
* Implemented improved Speedstep detection.
* Vehicle terminals will no longer appear destroyed for some players and active for others.
* Players who die while holding the fire button down to throw a grenade will no longer throw the grenade when revived.
* Players will no longer get a message that they can deploy an ANT here when they are outside of the base.
* Players can no longer load Ancient Tech weapons from a vehicle favorite if the facility does not have the Weapon module installed or linked.
* Ancient Tech Weapons are no longer listed twice at the AT Equipment Terminals.
* Going linkdead while drop-podding will no longer cause the avatar to die.
* Avatars riding on zip will no longer be able to use deployed Router teleport pads.
* The Lazed targeting reticule will no longer continue to appear after respawning or exiting the Flail.
* Players will be able to board the HART consistently when it is docked at the HART shuttleport.
* Router drivers will no longer get telefragged when another player uses its remotely deployed telepad.
* Players will no longer get stuck on cavern telepads.
* Friendly players in turrets will no longer show as red on the HUD when targeted.
* Jumping in a VS MAX will drain stamina properly again (this does not apply to using the VS jumpjets, which drain from the MAX capacitor as opposed to stamina)
* The gunner dots in the Prowler's HUD display show players in the correct position.
* Drop pods will no longer stack up on each other when multiple characters drop in at the same location.
* If a Medic goes linkdead while reviving another player, that player will not come back from the dead.

Victor Wachter
Community Relations Representative
Many questions can be answered by reading the PlanetSide Game Info and FAQ

-----------> * Certain rendering properties, animations and effects have been optimized to improve framerates - especially in heavy combat situations.
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