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Vanu's Fist - [US-Thebe][PS2] Recruiting

Hey, and welcome to Vanu's Fist! Currently we've just got a handful of members, but eventually I want to get us up to about thirty or forty. We play on the Thebe server and primarily focus our efforts on the Indar continent.

What makes this outfit different from the other forty or so starting up?
VF is primarily a strike force that will focus on taking large facilities quickly. We will be the force that surges to the front line and takes territory by storm! With precision and planning, we will organize operations to penetrate into enemy territory and deliver victory to our team.

How do you plan on doing that?
To accomplish our goals, we will organize into squads that will load up at the warp-gate. We will take Galaxy aircraft (probably one or two) flanked by Scythe fighters (two to four) to the front lines. While we're landing, four to five assault troopers, and MAXs in each squad, will drop in and secure the landing zones. After landing, everyone will storm into the facility and take the key control points. Infiltrators in each squad will hack terminals, engineers will keep the terminals and MAXs repaired, and our medics will keep people alive. A spawn beacon placed in the area will allow our forces to keep deploying, even if our assault falters. Vanu's Fist is merciless...

What if you don't have forty people on?
We'll usually have about five or six people on at all times that form up squads with other people playing. I'll probably try and get some recruitment going too while we're in game. Basically, we just hang out and play, then organize something awesome whenever we have enough people.

Alright, so how do I join?
We don't really have a particular form you have to fill out or anything, but you'll need to have teamspeak installed, play Planetside 2 pretty often, and be a cool person. Also make sure you're on the Thebe server, Indar continent! Then add WhippinItOut to your friends if you're interested in joining our little outfit! We have a teamspeak we hang out on too, but we don't have so many player slots. If you're interested in joining it though, post and I'll PM you the information.

1 - WhippinItOut
2 - MLuked

1 - Skylightzgx
2 - Graperust

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Re: Vanu's Fist - [US-Thebe][PS2] Recruiting

Update 11/4/12 - Played all day and night, pretty much... We managed to form up a couple of squads and roll across Indar yet again! Our groups made their way to the capture points, aiding our allies and (most of the time) taking the points out from underneath both the NChumps and the TRashbags. One platoon stealthily secured adjacent points and scouted, while I led our main squad in taking the different facilities. We repelled attacks on our points from time to time, and in the end, our enemies were reduced less than three territories a piece! We also added a bunch of prospective members! I'll get the roster updated and, when we're all together, start getting these guys put into squads!

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