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Australian - TRF Recruiting core members!

Guild Name: TRF
Server: An Australian one atm, but maybe US west, yet to be decided.
Faction: Vanu
Location: Australia
Time zone: AU- EST (+10 GMT)
Leader: SKYeXile
Recruitment Contact: SKYeXile
Size: currently ~15

Before we start, while we're looking for more members to play PS2, we're specifically looking for core members. Games dont last forever and likly this one will be no different with this rushed release. We will however give this a go until it nolonger becomes enjoyable. So what we're looking for is people who will stick around in the guild after Planetside 2 and come to the next game.

TRF is a small tight knit guild predominately from east coast Australia, some of us have been playing together since early wow before we established the guild as Future Crew in WoW, part of an eventual plan to run with Future Crew from Planetside in Warhammer Online, that idea was shut down because of Australian servers in warhammer and TRF was born...(I hope that paragraph confused you)

We launched into WAR beta with a small core roster, where we quickly established ourselves as a dominant guild on Darklands and were recognized the the best Order guild, because of our advanced tactics, our fight against all odds attitude and our strength as individual players and team players.
We have played many games since quitting WAR, most not worth writing about, but some mentions goto; Aion, World of tanks, city of heros, firefall and battlefield heros. This is what we want more core players for, to join us in the dark ages and then in the next major title.

Our next major game was guild wars 2, we joined Titan Alliance to stay clear of any unofficial oceanic servers so we would have people to fight in our prime time. Our Alliance took the server to be the number one rated server. Due to lack of competition in our timezone though we transferred to Blackgate, where we still play today, though Planetside beta is hampering those efforts...when its up...

In Planetside 2 We want to maintain a full squad of people, so a roster of about 20-25 players, where our focus will range from, highly mobile defense and offense, kill farming and just generally been awesome, well some of us anyway...We're still deciding on US west or AU server, there is alot of factors to account for and we're not rushing this.

What we are looking for:
  • [li]Players that play AU prime time and are from Australia or NZ. [/li]
    [li]People with an above avg level of playing skill and are always striving to play better. [/li]
    [li]Players who love min/max and get the most out of their game and class and ill say "hardcore" players.[/li]
    [li]Core guild members that are social and log into vent just to hangout and chat in downtime. [/li]

You should know that:
  • [li]Our vent can be vile, if you have soft skin or a weak mind, we're not the guild for you, soft players incapable of free thought will be burned, possibly by a glaring eye of Saron, failing that; cancerous fire. [/li]
    [li]We do play for fun, part of that enjoyment does come from kicking ass, the other is been in good(bad) company.[/li]
    [li]We don't have any rules now, guild members should be capable of using their own judgment of what or what not to do. Saying that though...if you do something I don't like...I will take your DKP.

If you have any questions about the guild, you can ask here, signup to the site and PM me or make a new thread in our outfits public PS2 forums where anybody might be able to help you.

If you wish to apply, head to the site, signup and post an app using the template in our PS2 recruitment section.

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Old 2012-10-24, 08:31 AM   [Ignore Me] #2
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Re: Australian - TRF Recruiting core members!

To make SKY's paragraph less confusing:

TRF is the Australian equivalent of FC - If Australian servers didn't exist, they would be part of FC. Thus, I highly endorse their shenanigans.
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Re: Australian - TRF Recruiting core members!

This is why i will always love you.
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