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Old 2012-07-21, 11:17 PM   [Ignore Me] #1
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Water - Tide and Tidal Areas.

I was thinking about the implication of cyclical changes in a persistent world, and also noticed the apparently GIGANTIC moon visible in the sky. It occurred to me that, if that were real, it would mean huge tidal water level differences. Low tide/high tide differences of 10m - 50m might be realistic to consider. Enough to submerge an entire base. That might make for some interesting dynamics in the combat environment.

On the simplest side it would mean beach-side targets (which, as of yet, there seem to be none that I've seen) might have different defensive considerations. An island at some times, a peninsula the rest of the time. Or that at low tide moments a force of vehicles could cross a land bridge that is normally underwater, and circumvent a defensive installation.

Alternatively, I could think of an base facility that could have capture mechanics that interact with the tidal levels. For instance: you could capture a point in a facility, but as the water level rises, the capture point is denied to others until tides drop again. So maybe there could be really intense battles over the 5-10 minutes before the level is submerged and denied to everyone else for the best part of a day-cycle.

Obviously this is hardly a high priority but it could be used to add something interesting to some coastal map areas.
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Old 2012-07-21, 11:50 PM   [Ignore Me] #2
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Re: Water - Tide and Tidal Areas.

I like the general idea. It would be interesting to have one side of some bases sometimes get closed up so they wouldn't be flooded, or having islands become peninsulas. But as for bases actually being flooded, it would be a little difficult to come up with an excuse to why a base was built in an area like that in the first place without some kind of protection against it.
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Old 2012-07-22, 12:04 AM   [Ignore Me] #3
Phisionary's Avatar
Re: Water - Tide and Tidal Areas.

Maybe it's a tidal power facility or something? Desalination plant? Okay, maybe the flooding base idea is a bit contrived. If water combat is expanded at some point, flooding bases might make more sense.

Even a base designed purposefully to be located in a tidal area could be interesting. Outdoor pathways would be flooded as the water rose, airlocks would close, the battles would become close indoor fights. If some kind of diving mechanic is added to the game, maybe you could swim from porthole to porthole or something to find sneaky ways into an occupied base. As the water level lowered again, people could fight over rooftop access, and then eventually come in on dry ground with troops.
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Old 2012-08-01, 11:41 AM   [Ignore Me] #4
Sergeant Major
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Re: Water - Tide and Tidal Areas.

I would love to see more water effects, heck mabey even flooding or tsunami, but this is PvP and not PvE.
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