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[EU] IRONFIST | Heavy Support | CTC Alliance

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IRONFIST is looking for european members for Planetside 2. We are apart of the CTC alliance with both TRG and Cybernetic Punks. We are the main support outfit for CTC alliance focused on: snipers, engineers, medics, pilots, drivers, infiltrator, saboteur etc.

IRONFIST has always taken pride on producing results no matter the size of our forces.
IRONFIST believes in strength in quality, not strength in numbers. We do not need to run an outfit of 225+ members to be able to get things done, we help our members when they ask for it and show them new tricks when we learn them. Our members is what makes
IRONFIST so strong.

IRONFIST specializes in finding the strengths and weakness of group's and inserting them into the proper battle situation that best suits the play style of such group's.

We focus on development of players to increase their play style along with building their leadership abilities so that they may one day command a squad of players into a battle and come out not only victorious but with a better understanding of the people over which they command.

IRONFIST believes in not only a strong personal community but a strong and recognizable alliance that uphold the same beliefs which we do. By having such an alliance we are able to field our players into a larger, more diverse group in hopes of helping to improve their way of playing as well as expanding their social presence.

As IRONFIST originates from America we will play on an American server. A lot of the American members are also active within european playing times. Our roster of european members is growing and we hope to recruit even more.

What we expect of our members:
-Respecting one another is the biggest thing we stress, if you cannot get along with your brothers and sister of IRONFIST then you do not belong in our ranks.
-Uphold the tenets of Honor and Brotherhood by demonstrating integrity.
-Do not cheat, exploit or hack as this shows the lack of integrity and trust in you.

What we are looking for:
Squad Leaders

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