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Old 2012-04-27, 01:55 PM   [Ignore Me] #106
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Re: Light Assault Ammo Drop

Originally Posted by MrBloodworth View Post
No. It's because it waters down game play. It should be a terminal, that engineers deploy. Not a box that someone walks over. This isn't a session based shooter.

Putting it back to Towers, Terminals, AMS like terminals and Engi deployed Terms ( like the ageis shield ) brings back logistics and denial back into the game. It makes those sub-goals viable, and conforms more to a War game. Those assets need to be protected, or discovered and removed depending on what side you are on.

Having someone poop out a box every 5 seconds removes all that.

That's why.
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Old 2012-04-27, 02:08 PM   [Ignore Me] #107
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Re: Light Assault Ammo Drop

Because in war, people carrying extra ammo don't exist!
Out here on the perimeter there are no stars.

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The Kush
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Re: Light Assault Ammo Drop

Originally Posted by Sirisian View Post
Regarding making combat more complex I might have spoke too soon. I mean they also have sprint and the light assault has a jetpack greatly increasing choices. Increasing it can be done in a lot of ways. One of them is deployables for defense and countermeasures. Simple stuff (prepare for game references) like short deployable shields that you can pass through but can block bullets (BF2142), momentary armor bonuses when you reveal yourself to enemies (Crysis), shield bubbles for defending groups (Halo), armor lock for taking an attempted hit and run (Halo), anti-grenade deployable, then on the offensive style complex fire modes. Stuff like single, triple-shot, burst, auto for weapons with varying bonuses go a long way for choices and tactics. (Though, it's easily argued that role overlap for weapons becomes a problem). Then you have squad abilities. I'm a huge fan of FPS+RPG games (think Bioshock etc). So having abilities for classes like a medic ability of "Sacrifice" that discharges a player's shield and recharges all neighboring shields. Basically things that a player can do along with their weapons in the middle of a battle quickly that could mean life or death for themselves or others. The idea of "I would have lived if I'd've done X" is important to me. Taking this to the extreme results in abilities described in this thread. Including defensive countermeasures for catching/redirecting grenades/rockets/tank shells, blocking bullets at the cost of not shooting, converting a player's shields into health as a medic AOE for friendlies. (Never been a fan of non-defensive abilities. Guns are good for that). As mentioned these go for far away to give a player possibly dozens of choices increasing the skill of the gameplay. It's not about who shot first. It's about "oh his teammate transferred his shields to the person I was about to kill and then his other teammate killed me". Complexity and interactions you don't find in other games. (Unless it's like a lame TF2 medic. More of a battle-medic who assists while fighting).

(Also if anyone is curious. I've only played the first Halo for PC so I'm going off videos).

It's the exact implementation I wanted for it. I'm glad they went with that longer delay.
PS2 is already "pushing my buttons" by making the game like CoD and BF3. We dont need Halo added into the equation or any other game for that matter. I liked Planetside because it WAS PLANETSIDE. Not Battle the Call of Halo. Keep the game original that is what made it great. Obviously some of these features had to be added in to appeal to a broader audience, but there is a point that you have to draw the line and as a veteran who has been playing since 2004, I would not play the game if any of these features were added. (besides maybe the varied burst option which I believe they might have talked about)
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