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Old 2012-08-13, 05:55 PM   [Ignore Me] #16
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Re: Being better at FPS

Originally Posted by GreenBanana View Post
In anticipation of PlanetSide 2, I began trying to be better at FPS.
Currently i'm playing Battlefield P4F because the close quarters maps really improve my reaction speed and the bigger maps allow for better vehicle awareness, both of which are skills that are needed if I wish to succeed in PlanetSide 2.

My question is: what do you do to be better at FPS? Can you suggest any games/videos/guides?

Notice:If you are suggesting games, don't suggest Tribes:Ascend or Blacklight Retribution because everyone knows about them, plus the visor and the skiing mechanic makes these games far too different from traditional FPS.
I suggest you get BF3 its 1000 times better then BF P4F
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Old 2012-08-19, 07:46 PM   [Ignore Me] #17
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Re: Being better at FPS

Here's a small one from me regarding mouse sensitivity/twitch reactions, take it or leave it but I've been in some top clans over the years so like to think I'm not too 'n00b'

- Aim straight ahead, fix your cross-hair on a rock or whatever
- Close your eyes
- Using your mouse, look behind you (as close to 180 degrees as possible)
- Open eyes
- Adjust mouse sensitivity lower/higher
- Repeat until you are actually opening your eyes and staring at what you were expecting
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Old 2012-08-24, 01:20 AM   [Ignore Me] #18
Sergeant Major
Re: Being better at FPS

If your computer can handle it, video your gameplay sessions (FRAPS for example) and then replay them to see what you screwed up. In the heat of the moment, you aren't going to see what you're doing wrong... but watching yourself play you may see that you're overcompensating for recoil, or not leading the target enough, or something else.

That's more valuable than picking any particular game, since PS2 will be different than any you pick.
But Battlefield 3 is pretty damn solid, lol
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Old 2012-08-28, 07:19 PM   [Ignore Me] #19
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Re: Being better at FPS

i would choose a game like BF3 if you want to get good at PS2 as the shooting mechanics are similar, but a game that teaches you to be quiet, to be efficient, to not spray every where while shooting, to crouch to increase aim, to use short, controlled bursts, to check your corners, to stick with your team, to communicate with your team, picking which weapons and equipment would be suitable for the map and basically teaching you how you should play an FPS would be the one, the only:


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