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Old 2003-11-21, 08:27 PM   [Ignore Me] #31
Lieutenant Colonel
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Funny stuff. "For all we know cHaM is responsible for spitfires firing sideways (even though they fixed it once and broke it again) and for the FPS issues." I'm sure that allocating their resources towards creating a sub-par expansion didn't take away from those fixes at all. Nope, they should be given a pass on this one it's obvious they've acted in the best interests of the game...
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Old 2003-11-21, 09:49 PM   [Ignore Me] #32
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Thanks planetside, I'm back to the old download issues again \o/
Bloody patches.

looks like im out of action for a few days

Pleeeeeease for gods sake, give us some other way to download patched files other than through that pathetic launcher thing (which uses HTML. HTML!? For files that size? Are you nuts!)

As well as being more stable and allowing me to actualy download the things without it corrupting, I'd be able to use my T3 access.

[edit] A ftp download directory would be ideal. Something like this:

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Old 2003-11-22, 02:34 AM   [Ignore Me] #33
infinite loop
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Originally Posted by Jagd
Seriously, it's positively absurd to act like the bugs are cHaM's fault! If anything, he allowed a few newbs to use them out on the battlefield, and they may have caused you to die a couple extra times. The bugs were created and maintained by SOE. Care to buy a clue?
You know, I had a really nice flame all worked out for this, but it's not my style. I don't understand the need to post like this in an asshole-like manner. I don't even know what you're trying to argue at this point.
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Old 2003-11-22, 03:00 AM   [Ignore Me] #34
First Lieutenant

Heh. I am exaggerating of course...

Except for the spitfire turret thing...

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