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Old 2012-03-27, 05:46 PM   [Ignore Me] #61
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Re: 3-Way battle simulator

Originally Posted by Graywolves View Post
This thread makes me think of something like RISK: Battle for Auraxis
Oh my god, you're totally right.

I just never realised it before you spelt it out for me. Maybe the devs could change it to stratego?
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Old 2012-03-27, 05:46 PM   [Ignore Me] #62
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Re: 3-Way battle simulator

I figure no matter how smart I make the AI; the most interesting use for the sim will be people putting in their own plans, and perhaps moving all the pieces themselves, and just using the sim as a board to play out their pre imagined scenarios.

Clearly, no matter how precise I make it it'll never be able to mimic all the variables which affect actual game play, but I'm hoping to be able to add things like advantages for various regions, and perhaps allow the user to give en empire a specific perk. For example, someone could see what the impact would be on a fight if one empire were able to gain air superiority and the like... Obviously we'll have to know much more about the maps, and the game, before that type of mechanism can really be implemented, but I think in time, this could be quite a fun tool.
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Old 2012-03-27, 06:21 PM   [Ignore Me] #63
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Re: 3-Way battle simulator

Originally Posted by Mightymouser View Post
I downloaded Kipper's code, but I've never really done intensive projects (read: useful) in PHP; so I swapped it over to Java. Still working out kinks, and setting up the back end, but I'll get an applet up and hosted somewhere at some point "soon".

Here's a current working screenshot (forgive the ugly GUI, making it pretty is down on the todo list):

clicky for bigger

And currently I've implemented:

I'm using the hex map for Indar as seen in the various videos and screenies

You can customize the starting layout, or start with a neutral board, or a three-way preset (seen above)

you can select a custom target to be attacked next round by any empire, or let the random selection logic select one itself

The selection logic is this:
If there is a neutral hex connected to an owned hex, select it (if more than on, a random one is chosen)

If there are no neutrals; select the hex with the most sides connected to your owned hexes (in the case of a tie, random selection among the best)

If the entire board is neutral, select a random start point

With a 1/100 random probability, a totally random hex will be selected anywhere on the board, and overwrite the previous logic
You can select to 'defend' a hex, and doing so makes the enemy fight over the hex for a longer period. As does multiple empires attacking the same hex.

You can move the simulation one turn at a time, or have it auto-play at various speeds (from 1 turn every 5 seconds, to one turn every 10 ms)

Capturing a hex takes 3 turns; at the base level, (unless it is neutral, then it flips in 1 turn). The already mentioned delays are then added onto that base time.

Things I want to add:

Variations in hex worth, and attack time; currently every hex is treated the same.

Delays based on if an empire is being double teamed

Possibly a way to choose an empire's "population levels" and then have that population affect target selection, and fight times

the option for secondary (or tertiary) targets.

The ability to layout a 'battle plan' several steps in advance, rather than having to select targets one at a time

"Hotspots" both visually, and in the sense that target selection will take into account the current fighting zone, rather than move across the board sporadically.

"Make it pretty"

Any other suggestions would be welcome, though I can't promise that everything will be feasible with my current code setup...

Get me a DL link asap, will use it for something.

But finish it first, I got other stuff to do before i need that thingy.

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Old 2012-03-27, 06:36 PM   [Ignore Me] #64
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Hey, nice to see continued interest and that my little idea spawned it's own little spin-off!

I wanted to do more with mine with some variables and improved AI, but I've not had the chance because "real" work is keeping me busy and I hope to find the cash for a computer upgrade pre-beta (and like, have heating and food obviously!).

If you or anyone comes up with a good web version I'll happily host it on planetside-stats!

Visit: http://planetside-stats.com | Follow @Ps2Stats on Twitter! | Like Planetside-Stats.com on Facebook!
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