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Filling in the Planetside 2 backstory lore timeline: 2643 to 2891

UPDATE 18-02-14: I've turned this entire timeline into a series of four narrated videos, which you can watch here on youtube.

The Planetside 2 lore only what describes what happens up until the landing on Auraxis in 2643, then there is a 200-year gap in the lore from the landing until the war starts. A lot remains unexplained, like how did Auraxian civilisation develop in the 200 years before the war? Where did the warpgates and rebirthing technology come from? Why did it take 200 years for the war to break out?

I attempt to answer all of these questions and more in this unofficial Planetside 2 lore timeline. This is part 1 - parts 2 and 3 I will post over the next week or so. Let me know what you think! If you prefer to read it on my fan fiction website (Tales from Auraxis), you can find it here.

Through the wormhole (2642-2643)
(official, from here)

April 10, 2642

A planet capable of terraformation is discovered by fleet scientists. Dubbed "New Earth", the fleet charts a course toward it with an estimated arrival of January, 2643.


The fleet, adrift for roughly 3 years and now numbering around 60,000 people, arrives at New Earth and begins the process of terraforming and colonizing the world.

Arrival on Auraxis (2643-2660) (my unofficial timeline begins here)

"The Terran Republic maintained peace and prosperity for hundreds of years. Now is not the time to smash our centuries-old culture into shards! Only by working together, as one people, may we survive on this harsh planet. Work hard for your people, and I promise you that soon we will prosper on Auraxis." Commander Brent Waterson, 21st April, 2643


The fleet lands on the Auraxian surface. To shelter against the toxic atmosphere, the colony ships are broken apart and reformed into several of the tech plants, biolabs and amp stations that are still present on the planet today. Earthquakes and storms almost bring disaster to the young colony.

Fearing a continuation of the New Conglomerate rebellion planet-side, Commander Brent Waterson orders them to be completely eliminated a political entity. Their businesses cease to exist; the mercenaries and other company employees are split up and re-assigned to mines or terraforming stations far from the growing towns. Terran soldiers are posted across the planet to maintain law and order.

Despite the repression, the majority of the colonists accept this 'temporary' suspension of civil liberties as the price for security on this dangerous new planet. The discovery of rich deposits of a new, super strong 'wonder' compound - Auraxium - gives new hope that humanity may one day prosper on this far flung colony.


Xenobiologist Henry Briggs discovers an alien artifact identical to the one he discovered alongside former Terran Republic President Tom Connery in 2634. He receives another vision and becomes the first human to be directly spoken to by an alien species.

For the next ten years, Henry Briggs wanders the colonies of Auraxis, first alone, then with scores of followers. He reveals the 'Vanu' message: that humanity is destined for greatness among the stars alongside the advanced alien civilisations. Investigation of the Vanu artifacts buried across the planet will guide humankind to their salvation.

Tired of wallowing under a repressive government on a desolate, dangerous planet, his message is attractive to many.

2653 - 57

The terraforming is almost complete and the atmosphere of Auraxis finally becomes suitable for breathing. However, this change is greeted with little fanfare.

The continuing political repression and relative poverty in the mining and terraforming towns lead to riots. The Terrans respond forcefully; many people are killed and frontier towns are destroyed. As the protests escalate, a movement begins to recreate the 'New Conglomerate' as an independent nation, backed by several influential ex-business leaders in the cities. A low-level guerrilla war simmers across the borderlands.

At the same time, Briggs and his followers are repeatedly jailed for espousing views incompatible with those of the Terran Republic. His increasing notoriety only serves to spread his message further.


Allan Jaeger - a young, visionary Terran politician - rises to prominence with a radical compromise to placate the protesters and end the growing conflict. He proposes that the New Conglomerate should be recognised once more as a distinct political faction with significant independent powers.

His ideas are initially greeted with ridicule within the Terran high command. However, as the guerrilla war intensifies in the borderlands, he gains increasing power within the political establishment.


With protests spreading to the Terran capital itself, the ageing high commander Brent Waterson is persuaded to step down from power. In the subsequent party elections, 36-year old Allan Jaeger is chosen as the next President of Auraxis.

For unknown reasons, xenobiologist Henry Briggs commits suicide.

The Golden Years (2661-2794)

"For seventeen years we have worked to gain a foothold on this planet. Let us enjoy the fruits of our labour, and build a better world. Let us build it together, as one people." President Allan Jaeger, first president of the Auraxian republic, 2661


Following the election, Jaeger's peace offering to the Conglomerate is accepted, and within weeks the first Congress is convened at the Auraxian capitol comprised of Terran, New Conglomerate and Vanu representatives.
However, the powers of the two smaller factions fall far short of full independence. The Terran Republic retains exclusive control of law, order and military matters on Auraxis.

2662 - 2739

In the years that follow, life improves for the Auraxian people. The planet is full of natural resources, and is sparsely populated. New, vibrant ecosystems bloom across the newly-terraformed landscapes. Over the years, the Terran-dominated congress grants increasing freedoms to their citizens.

Following the suggestions of prominent Vanu visionaries, President Allan Jaeger implements a planet-wide research programme to investigate the thousands of Vanu archaeological sites that cover Auraxis.

Great discoveries are made from the uncovered artifacts. Teleportation technology allows for the fifty-year construction of the immense Warpgates.

Following the translation of ancient Vanu manuscripts, Nano bots and nanite reconstruction techniques are perfected in the early 28th century. The application of the almost-indestructible Auraxium molecules to this technology revolutionises medicine, manufacturing and transport. Many basic services in Auraxian society soon come to depend on nanite technology. Nanite Systems, which has a monopoly on the original patents, rises to become the most profitable enterprise on the planet.

Despite the great technological advances and optimistic mood of the time, there are storm clouds on the horizon. By 2730, it becomes clear that the expected bounty of Auraxium has fallen short of expectations; the majority mined long before by the ancient Vanu civilisation. The young 'nanite economy' upon which the Auraxian people depend will be unsustainable within 100 years.

8th January 2739

Following its 98.3 year cycle precisely, the wormhole opens once more. Lacking a space fleet, Auraxian society can only watch from afar. The much anticipated rescue craft from Earth do not appear from the other side.

Following the closing of the portal, the Auraxian people are afflicted by a great sense of loneliness, and a deep desire to see their ancient homeland once more. The Congress agrees that re-establishing contact with the Terran civilisation in Sol is a priority. The resources of the small planet are turned to create a space-worthy fleet to revisit Earth at the next wormhole opening, almost a century from now.

2740 - 2794

The era of great discoveries continues. Following further alien artifact discoveries, Vanu scientists uncover a way to 'rebirth' dead subjects. But despite their best efforts, they cannot overcome a key stumbling block. The rebirthed cannot retain their memories, are unable to learn and are useless for any practical task.

After leads from whistle blowers, Terran authorities uncover the secret human rebirthing experiments and the pitiful test subjects. Rebirthing experimentation is banned, and in the resulting backlash against the Vanu, further research is greatly restricted, such as that on human augmentation. The Vanu bloc protest, claiming that augmentation is necessary for the human body to endure the light speed travel necessary to reach earth if the plan to pass through the wormhole fails. Their cries fall of deaf ears.

Distrustful of the intentions of the Vanu, and envious of their technological superiority, the Terran Republic block further independent research by Vanu scientists; all further work is to be conducted in joint facilities.

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