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The Battle of The Octagon and Bridge-Ward by PhazePyre

DateTime: January 15th, 2849

Location: Octagon-Bridge Ward, Esamir, Auraxis

From the Writings of Cutlass Supreme PhazePyre

"We didn't see them coming, our armour had them pinned down at the base, the Octagon was all but ours. Little did we know that the well reputed tactics of the Vanu Sovereignty and their elite Supreme Vanu Crew, would be the end of us that day" - Lieutenant Colonel Gavin Shale, New Conglomerate

My fellow Cutlass Supreme was in charge, Swift22, and his insatiable appetite for battle, coupled with his visionary strategic eye, led us to a small skirmish in the Large Outpost of the Octagon. Intelligence said there was a small squad there. Nothing that our full platoon couldn't handle.

We had just pushed hard against the Terran Republic and instead of wasting resources on those blood-thirst bastards, we redirected our forces towards the New Conglomerate rebels. Our advanced weaponry, given by the grace of Almighty Vanu, was far superior to the sticks and peashooters of their rag-tag forces. I was leading Charlie squad, a energetic and loyal group of men. Failvana especially provided me with insight and advice, as well as his ability to react to my most daring of calls.

We had secured all the points in the Octagon and had started to bunker in, all the while our NC adversaries were preparing to give us the fight of all our lives. Points flipped, seconds remaining, the champagne ready to be uncorked, we started to get ready to mobilize. That's when they hit us.

Multiple lines of armour, Vanguards and Lightnings alike, bombarding our soldiers with their rounds, providing our men with no where to hide. Our heavy assaults and medics working as hard as they can to provide cover, and with the speed and efficiency of nanites, maintain their fellow Vanuvian lives. Our men tried to get rid of their armour, but they kept pushing up from Elli Tower and through Bridge Ward. The battle waged on for longer than I care to remember. I knew they had a Sunderer deployed right at our gates. I took the initiative to resupply with lighter gear, my drifter packs, and C4. I gave a prayer to Vanu, and made sure my Supreme Vanu Crew dog tags were on me. If I died, I'd need them for identification for our medics for revival.

I made my way across the base and drifted to the top of the walls, dropped on top of the Sundie, and with the click of a trigger, detonated my C4. It was a shot in the dark, typically more than one C4 was needed, but it might give us the break needed to push them out of our gate. But to my luck, the entire Sundie took flame, and exploded, dealing damage to all of the NC soldiers surrounding the bus.

I gave my life, but was given it anew as I respawned at The Octagon. Did that change the tides of war? Barely, only a small hole in their push to re-obtain their old base. It was then that I had had enough. I dropped my gear, took a Spectre and my hunter cloak, and hopped onto a Flash to make my way to Bridge Ward in a last ditch attempt to ruin the NC. I made my way up the mountain, sneaking past a roaming Harasser. I made a bad turn and flipped my Flash. I was alone, with nothing but empty space between me and Bridge Ward.

I ran, I'd never ran as fast as I did that day, and I never knew how spectacular it is to have that cloak. Un-noticed and unannounced I crossed that open field, directly behind the enemy Vanguards and Lightnings, avoid the predatory eyes of the enemy Liberators and Reavers. I hid underneath the girders below the bridge, preparing to light up a squad beacon for reinforcements. It was then that the girder blocked me from getting out. Panicking I attempted to vault the girder, and I had enough air to clear it. I deployed my beacon, and who decides to join me, purple tights and all? Failvana. I always can count on him. We made our way into the base, avoiding an enemy vanguard that tried to flank us. We flipped the point, all in an attempt to draw back the enemy forces. Failvana held point while I hacked the enemy vehicle terminal, leaving those bastards with no fall back to use against us. At this point Failvana and I contacted Swift22 to report that we had successfully breached the enemy based and had secured both the point and the vehicle generator, I mentioned we could pull some vehicles to hit them from behind, to which Failvana suggested we should pull a Sunderer instead. Swift22 quickly radioed our troops informing them to redeploy when the sundie was up. Failvana pulled the sundie, moved to the foot of the bridge, and deployed the S-AMS providing our soldiers of Vanu a way to the base. With the point flipped, and the NC unable to capture the Octagon, Bridge Ward was ours, and we defended The Octagon from the NC.

We may have lost many men and resources, but we in the end were victorious and provided a stalwart defence!

I was proud to serve my purpose in that battle, and accepted the recognition bestowed on me by the might Vanu.

May Vanu watch over you all,

Signing Off: Cutlass Supreme - PhazePyre of the Supreme Vanu Crew, Vanu Sovreignty.
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First Sergeant
Re: The Battle of The Octagon and Bridge-Ward by PhazePyre

That was very enjoyable and well written PhazePyre, thanks for that! Look forward to seeing more.
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Re: The Battle of The Octagon and Bridge-Ward by PhazePyre

Thanks Sonny, feel free to post on your website if you'd like. I'm hoping as we get more battles like that to make some Fan Fic. It was such a great battle I didn't want to forget
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Re: The Battle of The Octagon and Bridge-Ward by PhazePyre

Hey Phazepyre,
That would be cool . If you want to, go ahead and sign up on the tales from auraxis site and I will upgrade your account to author so you can post what you like when you like.

Otherwise, if you prefer I can just create a placeholder account for you there and upload the post myself. Up to you
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