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New ES Shotguns

In my opinion, all current shotguns actually classified as shotguns in PS2 (i.e. not the Jackhammer) are all generic and identical for all factions. So, being extra careful to not upset balance across factions, here are my ideas for 3 new weapons added to the game.

All cost 1000 Certs, 700 SC.

Terran Republic

TS6 Raider

Description: "The seemingly endless shell capacity of the Raider has not only saved numerous Terran lives, but has also taken hundreds of enemy ones."

Pretty self explanatory, a shotgun with a 24-shell drum.

ROF: 215 RPM
Pellet Damage: [email protected] / [email protected]
Pellet Count: 5
Muzzle Velocity: 295m/s
Reload: 3.5s short / 5.2s long
Magazine Size: 24
Reserve: 48

Same as the Haymaker for all stats not mentioned, except its accuracy is slightly worse all around.

Interesting aspect: It has semi-auto and 2 round burst.

New Conglomerate

LA44 Anvil

Description: "The double barreled Anvil's reputation for reliable one-shot kills is credited to its high pellet count, good cone of fire, and impressive pellet damage."

As if the Bruiser wasn't heavy enough...

Pellet Damage: [email protected] / [email protected]
Pellet Count: 8
Muzzle Velocity: 280m/s
Reload: 3.4s short / 3.6s long (yes it is a clip weapon)
Magazine Size: 2
Reserve: 34
Accuracy: Same as Claw
Recoil: 10 degrees up (wow!)

Interesting Aspect: To balance this shotgun's incredible damage at longer ranges, it has a .15 second firing delay similar to the Railjack. All in all, with this shotgun, you'll have to get used to firing before your target enters the normal effective range of other shotguns.

Vanu Sovereignty

Twilight VX-5 SGV

Description: "Following the success of the Zenith, VX Labs developed a shotgun variant for closer quarters that retained the carbine's traits of high rate of fire and tight spread."

The Vanu's answer to the Jackhammer.

ROF: 436 RPM
Pellet Damage: [email protected] / [email protected]
Pellet Count: 11
Muzzle Velocity: 350m/s
Reload: 2.9s short / 3.4s long
Magazine Size: 14
Reserve: 70
Accuracy: Similar to Jackhammer, but slightly more accurate.
Recoil: 0.1 degrees up, +- 0.3 degrees horiz.

Interesting aspect: It's slugs are not affected by gravity and its full-auto.

What do you guys think?

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