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Old 2011-10-07, 02:14 PM   [Ignore Me] #181
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Re: Kill Cams

So much DO NOT WANT!!! Gah, killcams and other console pap is the bane of my existence! At least give PLAYERS the option to turn it off, I do NOT want to see that even if others can.
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Old 2011-10-10, 05:20 PM   [Ignore Me] #182
Re: Kill Cams

Originally Posted by xSlideShow View Post
Would see where the shots hit. And who else was hitting you... Why would you need all this data telling you the exact amount of damage you took? You are dead. You know how much damage you took, enough to kill you. Odds are if there is more than one guy there is nothing you could have done. So this data is rather useless.

I don't underestimate peoples intelligence I'm looking at it logically. Put yourself in the shoes of a 13 year old who just got this game. He is now slain, he is not going to want to look at a spreadsheet with a whole bunch of numbers on it just to find out in the end. It performs the same basic function as a kill cam. The information your also talking about giving to players also doesn't really help them get better does it? It just tells them what weapons to look out for. Which they probably could have learned that same thing from looking at the kill spam. On the direction of the bullets, you are also gonna know cause guess what Planetside 2 is almost 100% gonna have? Bullet indicators... So before you died. You've already obtained this information.

Better players are not going to use the kill cam to find locations of enemies. Cause odds are they knew where they were before they died. Your intent was still compromised, you killed some one they know your there. They don't need a kill cam to figure out they died and that there is an enemy lurking around.

The only people who should really be worried about a kill cam is snipers and if they are implemented in the way Higby has suggested with a taunt then... none of what you've said really matters.
It's not useless information. You will understand the relation between different weapons and situations quicker. Which is useful for new players. We are not talking advanced excel spreadsheets here. They learn to prioritize targets and optimize their damage and class builds . Knowing you were at a disadvantage and why is useful for future reference.

You are always outmatched in planetside, you'll always die, and there will always be lessons to be learned. The battles are alot more dynamic, this isn't 32 on 32 BF or COD style where K/D is what matters most. There will be battles of 10 vs 50, 30 vs 40 or 100 vs 200. The point of this data is to help newcomers grasp and better handle the greater variety of scenarios in a sandbox FPS MMO. Showing them a cam of a enemy for a few secs is pointless in a sandbox setting. It's mostly used for griefing or revenge killing rather than learning anyway. You will die, what matters is how quickly you learn.

Another thing to take into account is the skillsystem, it will muddy the water even more. Custom weapons/vehicles, upgrades and buffs, these things will matter to a new player. In the grand scheme of things, understanding the advantage of veteran players is very useful. Imagine the thousands of combinations of skill+weapon sets you can do. This game will have tons more variables than BF.

And to be blunt, I don't have to put myself in the shoes of a 13 year old cause they vary as much as any old person. Some grasp things quicker and is more paitent than others. Even if its rated 13+, most kids thats going to play it would probably be more like 16 - 21, and teens in general have alot better relationship with numbers then mature adults do.

Here is a few examples of good post death screens that serve a better purpose than kill-cam.

Relics Space marine, its mechanics might not be as tight as other games or dedicated servers, but its post death screen is wonderful. It shows weapons and perks, the entire setup of the enemy. Knowing advantages/weaknesses of that build, I would use this info to counter it and similar builds.

Leauge of legends is another game that has a wonderful post death screen, showing the builds, and abilities that killed you. Let's you know what to look out for and why you were outplayed.

Eve online's killboards and ingame aftermath on the ships you lost is pretty handy to view, how many that ganked you and what ships etc they were flying.

If you look at games like dawn of war 2, where they also try to "hide" information it actually makes the game harder for new people to understand. You actually need to do google search and read /advanced spreadsheets/ cause the game designers didnt want to scare noobs. Ironically it has the opposite effect of ensuring they stay noobish, contrary to a game like Starcraft where they try to inform as much as possible.

As for the revealing part of killcam, how much it reveals depends a bit on the implentation. But if it shows the enemy soldier you will be able to pinpoint his location more accurate. You can easier define hiding place, distance and landmarks based on visual confirmation. Telling somone he is north is not the same thing. Knowing how to use kill-cam as a observational tool is a big asset. I know many good players that uses it this way.

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Old 2012-02-09, 01:25 AM   [Ignore Me] #183
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Re: Kill Cams

Originally Posted by BorisBlade View Post
Why are any of you surprised? Seriously, every mechanic they can possibly put in from BF, they will do it. They have taken out most PS style stuff and put in BF. Kill cams are of course terrible much like the bf style vehicles, but saw it comin a mile away. They want their BF game, they just take BF, up the players, paste on PS names/factions/graphic look on top, and call it PS2. Not much left they can take from BF honestly, but i can think of a few things, but honestly dont wanna say it as im afraid they would see this and put that crap in too....but i bet they already have it and we just dont know it yet. =(
What, and you're surprised?
Didn't 6 years of patchless PS1 hell teach you anything?

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Old 2012-02-09, 01:43 PM   [Ignore Me] #184
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Re: Kill Cams

Originally Posted by Xyntech View Post
I hated the respawn in Planetside. Not saying that a kill cam is the answer, I just hated how in Planetside you couldn't check the global map or do much of anything after hitting respawn.

I always thought that the respawn timer should count down from the moment you died, not the moment you chose a respawn location. If it reaches zero before you've picked a location, you'd be able to instantly respawn wherever you chose.

It would have made waiting for a medic to res you a lot more common since it woudn't detract from your ability to respawn quickly elsewhere.
I agree with everything you said. These are little things that would be easy to overlook, however they would be so nice if they were in.
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