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Old 2014-10-06, 07:07 AM   [Ignore Me] #1
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My biggest QoL issue with PS2 still is

The no damage desync bugs, I know there's been a bunch of patchs that have tried to address the problem but they never seem to work or last.

Last night was a particularly bad session for me.

I had at least 6 occasions in a very short time period where I ended up doing no damage on a straight up kill but all were different situations.

I dropped behind two scat maxes that were looking the other way calling for engineers as my team mates had just chewed them up. I tossed in two bricks of c4 to make sure I'd get both. I click the button and the c4 goes off but no damage done to either max that were standing on it.

Later I get the drop on a couple of NC infantry that are huddled to close together at a corner, I unload 35 rounds of the NS-11c into them and don't get one hit marker, this happens a few more times. (this is the worse offender for no damage being done repeatably every day)

I latch a sticky grenade onto an enemy and when it goes off nothing happens.

the icing on the cake again as a LA I sneak up behind a NC infiltrator and stab him with my knife doing damage, the next 5 (FIVE) hit's just make him do the animation of being stabbed but gives him no damage.

I really wonder is it them who are bugged, me or a lethal combination of both?

This is what makes me rage quit and wonder why I pay to be a member of this game. I really love PS2 it's the best FPS game for my taste on the market but if it's screwing me over I'd rather play some different genre game that get frustrated every night.

I know the dev's probably are working on this issue but please make a post about it if you are, make me feel better.

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Re: My biggest QoL issue with PS2 still is

I hear ya.

Granted we're still stuck with Wimax, cell phone, or dial up for Internet here and thus my connection can be bloody awful to say the least, there have been plenty of times where the connection is fine for every thing else other than PS2. And time where PS2 has played perfectly normal, with no issues at all.

Between hitching, hit reg, and astoundingly amazing lag spikes ?(in the tens of thousands of ping), PS2 becomes so far below my already low standards I just give up and walk away for months. Thus far, I have always come back to check it out, because it's my favorite game when I can actually play it.

If PS2 could just play properly 100% of the time for 100% of the people who play it, I think its popularity would rise.
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