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Old 2014-02-06, 02:32 AM   [Ignore Me] #1
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Saturday Pickup Scrim

I hope it's ok to post about this in this forum. Let's stop sitting around. Come to the pickup scrims in the test-server on saturdays, hosted by some chill folks from Miller. This whole MLG thing has kind of left a bad taste in my mouth to be totally honest, but these pickup scrims are very fun, and could be the foundation for a competitive, yet fun, ladder. We just need one good admin for supervision.

Or we could just sit around and stroke our MLGpeen, hoping for payday and talking shit about "pub trash" like some planetsiders seem to be doing.

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Old 2014-02-06, 10:08 PM   [Ignore Me] #2
Re: Saturday Pickup Scrim

Dotz0r from BRTD is the man behind PS2.pickup. They are great fun and an excellent way to meet other server players, converse about tactics, etc.

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Old 2014-02-07, 03:20 PM   [Ignore Me] #3
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Re: Saturday Pickup Scrim

Yes they are great guys, who obviously have a lot of experience in competitive gaming, and have their shit together, as far as organization. That's why I think this thing, or this kind of thing are our best bet for competition, in a timely manner. If we want it done, we're going to have to do it ourselves.

Sitting around waiting for MLG and SOE to get their shit together is laughable. The Community Clash is promising, but still hasn't lifted off and leaves a lot of people out.

Here's the thread in the official forums with details:

Oh and for anybody doubting the skill-level, check out the screens of TS in that thread. See all those [INI] tags? Those were the guys that basically tied their match with Future Crew, who I've known for years, and know to be very-skilled players. These aren't scrubs so bring your big-boy britches. On the other hand, nobody is gonna call you a nub or get mad at you because it's all casual.

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Old 2014-02-09, 01:19 PM   [Ignore Me] #4
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Re: Saturday Pickup Scrim

You guys need to spread the word about this. My recommendation is to get some alternates on other servers, get into their command chat, and talk to people. IF you really want it to take off, head into the recruitment section of the forums and message outfit leads about it. More work, but more reward.
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Old 2014-03-06, 03:24 PM   [Ignore Me] #5
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Re: Saturday Pickup Scrim

I'd like to hear more about the Miller vs Connery match and how it went. There were more people on TS that day than I think I've ever seen...anywhere.
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