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Old 2012-04-08, 03:18 AM   [Ignore Me] #31
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Re: Community Q&A With Higby


I played in PS1 beta and PS1 for a year, every day. Left in mid-2004 and just resubbed starting last week. I definitely think it is worth it to buy and try out to get a feel for PS2. It won't be the same,. but you will get a feel for the weapons, the different factions, and the basic mechanics of an MMOFPS.

PS1 now is a very fun game when there are enough players. Granted, you will die a lot, but you get to re-cert as much as you want the first week to get a feel for anything as you start earning more cert points. Get in a squad and check your map to see where the populations are and where the fight is. Very few bugs like there were in the early PS1.

Originally Posted by mr sandman View Post
i have never played planetside and i was wondering if it would still be worthit to get the first planetside.
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Old 2012-04-08, 03:29 AM   [Ignore Me] #32
Re: Community Q&A With Higby

That "outfit bonus" thing is really what I was looking for, glad he gave some answers on it. Much better than the Curse Gaming Interview.

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Old 2012-04-08, 03:33 AM   [Ignore Me] #33
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Re: Community Q&A With Higby

Thanks MgFalcon!

IMO 3D spotting should be squad only and the squad leader should need to invest xp to get the ability.
Failing that it could start ON at BR1 and diminish as you progress e.g. BR 6 it's partial and BR 9 it turns OFF?

Slight trepidation about the new capture mechanic, but many of us will perhaps feel this because of the 8 years of the tried and loved REKing. The most exciting, most memorable battles for me have been inside the CC of a base during an offensive hack, trying like hell to stop one focal point getting breached. This new system sounds like it takes that funnelling of the action and spreads it wider, dare I say, diluting it. Eager to see the "ticket-mechanic" in play.

Interesting the uniform/armour will be independent of BR. Maybe now the Smurfs will stop complaining about flannel shirts

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Old 2012-04-08, 05:49 AM   [Ignore Me] #34
Re: Community Q&A With Higby

I love the outfit mothership idea, in fact I was hoping that the sanctuaries would be a mothership which players decide which direction it travels. I really do hope they go with 2D spotting on the minimap because at least then you have gained that advantage of knowing where abouts the enemy is but you still have to do some work in thinking where does that 2D minimap position correspond to in the actual 3D environment. If there is 3D spotting what I wouldn't want to see is that the enemy is immediately revealed to you with a marker over is head because from my experience, it's an automatic headshot, it's too easy. As for covert operations to take out generators I hope there are generators which can be destroyed to stop the operation of the vehicle terminals and resource collection.

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Old 2012-04-08, 07:32 AM   [Ignore Me] #35
Re: Community Q&A With Higby

They should have left the REK in for the initiate capture mechanic .... it won't make much difference but it would have been a respectful 'nod' towards old time planetside.

I'm a bit worried about the almost instantaneous captures. Why not allow epic base defences? How many have been in an epic defence where the CC was hacked, resecured, hacked again, resecured again after many minutes, hacked and and resecured yet again. - A planetside epic battle.

I know SoE say they want to speed up the game. Short hack timers are actually the only thing I've seen that really would speed it up (removal of sancs won't) and by having the short timers you gain something but you lose something too.

As long as a 'hack' is long enough so that defenders have a chance to respond.
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Old 2012-04-08, 07:49 AM   [Ignore Me] #36
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Re: Community Q&A With Higby

Awesome read, thanks for puttin this together.

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Originally Posted by Hamma View Post
Really? You need to take a few steps back and think before posting drivel like this. Either reply constructively or don't reply.
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Old 2012-04-08, 08:49 AM   [Ignore Me] #37
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Re: Community Q&A With Higby

I am on the same page as a few people here with the 3D spotting thing. If you are going to implament it, let it be for squads only. And going further with that, don't even make it 3D, but show his *dot* on the mini-map. Without something like that, the tactics of the old open field rifle battles, like flanking, are going to be render completely useless. And those tactics were my favorite part of the game hands down. I was always a sucker for having a nice, hour-long, open field rifle battle that forced you to use your brain and make smart decisions.

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