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Old 2003-12-09, 11:41 AM   [Ignore Me] #1
First Sergeant
Respect for a CR1-5

Do you respect any commanders other than ones in your Outfit? And if you do do they happen to have CR5? Furthermore do you keep them posted on essential info, like how an Op went?

It seems to me that the reason most CR5's "suck at commanding" isnt due to thier lack of commanding ability but the rather loose chain of command and therefor chain of information. An uninformed Commander is absolutely useless.
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Old 2003-12-09, 05:51 PM   [Ignore Me] #2
Major General
Firefly's Avatar

I know many people who send up /sitreps. I do it all the time, and I also send tells to competent commanders that I respect.

I know of plenty of information that goes up and sometimes never comes back down. I also focus more on my outfit's mission and my alliance's mission than I do on some pompous fruitbasket who's out to impress his girlfriend over /global. If I have time, or I feel my information WILL be listened to, then I spend a little time making sitreps.

Otherwise my attentions are directly focused on the game, my outfit, and the flow of information to people who matter- the troops on the ground.
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Old 2003-12-09, 05:58 PM   [Ignore Me] #3
Major General
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No. Anyone can whore xp. If they are an awsome leader I respect them. But, thats extremly rare.
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Old 2003-12-09, 06:04 PM   [Ignore Me] #4
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Misc Info

me = teh awesome leader
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Old 2003-12-09, 06:08 PM   [Ignore Me] #5
Ait'al's Avatar

Why do people have the adacity to insult commanders in there outfit when it belongs to someone else?? There either the outfit leader or have been put in command by hte leader, or are actually taking up the challenge to do it themselves unlike all the people who just complain about it! I hear these complaints. ONly send reports if i respect them. you realize if you dont htey dont know whats going on and cant do anything about it. Your required to do your end for there to be any sort of command. Your the damn reason commanders cant do there jobs!!! Teh cant magically fly and go see whats going on to get the info they need to make any type of strategic desiscion!

I Seriously hope there isnt anyone hwo joins and outfit and bitches when there being destructive to that outfits purposes!

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Old 2003-12-09, 07:25 PM   [Ignore Me] #6
Jagd's Avatar

I have never received help that I've taken the time to ask a CR5 for. If I even get a response back, it's always to tell me sorry they're don't have the resources to spare. Why bother wasting the time to type to these idiots in the middle of a firefight, if you never get any help in return? It's like karma-- every time a call for an ANT goes out on Continent chat, it gets done. How come CR5s expect to always get help when they need it, but never send help when it is needed of them.
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Old 2003-12-10, 09:43 AM   [Ignore Me] #7
First Sergeant

What is needed is a "Royal Guard" for each and every CR5. A large majority of players are good for zerging. Just sent them in; they eventually die; send thier newly created form in. However players who are good, the royal guard, you send to take out that interlink/bio/amp stations that help the opposing zerg OR they go and defend that very base you zerging. This not only might stress the recourses of the enemies but also weakens the zerged battle.

Note: I only use the term Royal Guard because the players need to be able to take a base on thier own, kinda like a special ops team. In no way are they intended to actually protect the CR5's life.
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Old 2003-12-10, 11:16 AM   [Ignore Me] #8
Staff Sergeant

I respect all the CR5's I've come across. They have a very difficult job, and they don't have the organization they need to do as much as they would like. I personally cut them a lot of slack.

Of course respecting them doesn't necessarily mean I will listen to them
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Old 2003-12-10, 12:18 PM   [Ignore Me] #9
PSU Admin
Hamma's Avatar

I respect the ones who try and do something, I don't respect the ones who work to CR5 then just do nothing

PlanetSide Universe - Administrator / Site Owner - Contact @ PSU
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Old 2003-12-10, 10:20 PM   [Ignore Me] #10

I respect all command ranks no matter what. i even respect everyone else. ok well not everyone. people i don't respect are complainers, TKers, and assholes. i don't even mind a person bragging about killing me, but there is a point where they have to stop.

pretty much if you play the game the way it's supposed to be played then i'll respect ya for that.

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Old 2003-12-11, 12:24 AM   [Ignore Me] #11

I respect very few CR5s that I've seen. However I only don't respect their being in command, not them as a person. I use to be gung-ho feeding info to CR5s but then this one guy, (there weren't many CR5s back then), put me on his ignore list because he had the gaul to imply that I was telling him how he should do his job simply because I asked him if he was going to tell others that I was doing a much requested ant run, but he took offence for some odd reason. If he wasn't capable of doing the job he was placing himself in then he shouldn't have been globaling commands as if he were a commander when he wasn't really willing to command like one. However besides this I see every time I play just how easily people aquire CEP simply by inviting any and everyone they meet and making no commands but simply going places and getting CEP even though they do absolutly no commanding. So since people can essentially get CR5 simply by playing alot and not by having any command ability I feel I have no reason to respect their commands any more then I would some noob just starting the game. Though to be honest I'd be more inclined to follow someone I knew was very new to the game simply because they tend to be much more forthcoming in what they are capable of with out the ego. And its really a shame I must say that in PS the ranks mean absolutly nothing. I'd like to be able to look at someone's rank so as to see what their abilities and skills are but in PS a high rank is purely based on how much you play and not how well you play.
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