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Dr Cluckenstein
Planetside ideas

Base changes

So the cahnges that i would like to see will be split into several categories
2)Facility silo
3)Generator icons
From this on I will continue in another post (because i cant have more tahn 15 images on one site)
4)Main facility terminal
5)Hard light bridges
6)Changes to the bases as are now

1)The door
So right now bases are defended using mixture of shields, one-wayjump pads, turrets and also defenders themselves.
But this system lacks one thing.Humanity uses it for centuries so why would it stop using it.It is a way how to physicaly block movement of enemy.This may sound hard but is rather easy -USE DOORS-.

So the doors would be just what you imagine – big plate of metal that slides into sides or top of doorframe.
They could come in various sizes:
From the big ones

To the small ones:

It would have to have some kind of window from forcefield (shield) in the colour of faction that owns that door.(to be able to look trought but only if you are standing close to them)
From both sides there would be a terminal which every class can hack just like the generators.
(optional)when infiltrator hacks it it converts imediately if some other class (max cant) then it takes 10 to 20 seconds to take over and makes a varning displayed on the minimap.

How to use them:
Opens and closes automaticaly if player of its faction aproches near.
If you press doorpanel which is on your faction it turns from faction colour to white(or yellow) and keeps the door open for a miunute.

How doors look on minimap:
If yours- green rectangle
If enemys- red rectangle
If currently being hacked(not by infiltrator) - orange flashing with a litle circle around displaying how much time is left (like with generators).
Door icons refresch once somebody has seen the door on their screen (to enable infiltrators to sneek around facility)

To block visibility and bullets from both sides of conflict.
It would also help prevent capturing whole bases just by one individual who just storms trought them(and isnt even a n infiltrator).Also it would be more objectives to fight for.
It would replace shields for smaler bases.
To some places you would be able to get unidentified only as infiltrator(trought the doors) or light assault (around them for example trought a window) .

2)Facility silo

Right now we have those awesome buildings which we can deploy on the battlefield.
But I would like to see them used not only for making new bases but also to upgrade existing ones.
For this to work we need to have some sort of powersuply to them.
So logicaly we need Facility silo (please if somebody has better name tell me).

ANT upgrades:
For purposes of this update ANT needs new kind of "mining laser"
This new laser alowes it to harves cortium from enemy silos but takes the ability to harvest it from crystals.
It would be mounted as the drivers weapon and cost 1000 certifications.

It would look great to have it in i fnot all then most of Amp stations and Tech plants
Also it would look great in Andavari Bio lab.

Silo design:
Basicly it would look like this but with aded panels and computers and stuff.

For garage I would use one of the models we already have.
I would althought add a generator on the back side and the silo textures inside (somehow).

1)The garage inside of Indar warpgate:


2)That small sunderer garage scatered around the Indar




Inside front:

Inside back:


How to use it:
It is simple as you used it in PS1.
You take the ANT, park it infront of it, and press mouse1.
The nanites (in form of cortium) will be transported into it.
On the panel you are able to build the constructions as with a deployed ANT.

First you have to get trought its defences.
Front (where the ANTs can drive in) is covered with shield.
Its generator is on the back of the garage.
You owerload it and after 1 minute the way is clear.
Then you have to have a special type of ant.
It needs to have other kind of mining laser that lets it take the cortium out.
You take the cortium ot and then you can have it.
If you run the silo out of all its cortium it will stop functioning.

1)Aloves to build constructions and modules inside of the facilities.
2)Repairs turrets(insted of current pasive regeneration)
3)Repairs (very slovly) generators (not SCU) and terminals
4)Powers constructed modules (shields, repair)
5)Allowes the resuply stations for wehicles to repair them
(all for cost of cortium inside)

3)The shield icons
Okay so right now we have 4 diferent shield icons (on the mini map)
1)Vehicle shield
2)Vertical part of shield
3)Horizontal part of shield
4)SCU shield
But sometimes it gets a little bit weird.
Some facilities have it that there is actualy a shield around capture point but it has just one generator so it can not be described by horizontal and vertical generators so they use the vehicle one because it is only one generator.
Sometimes this facility has more than one of these or (which is worse) actual anti-vehicle shield.
Then it is realy hard to recognise which is which.

We need another type of shield
It would serve these purpouses have icon of runing stickman inside of shield icon and would be powered by one shield generator.

ALso there are Bio-lab SCU shields (and not just there) which look like a horizontal shield.
This leads to another confusion.
so for these make icon that is current SCU icon inside of a shield and for the SCU itself make just an SCU icon inside of a triangle

And finaly for some future builds why not just a shield icon with number inside?
Probably it would be hard to recognize but it would serve the purpose well
It could be combine with other symbols as well

CONTINUED in another post


Screens taken from PS1 and PS2 by myself.
Other pictures from google.
I will ad to this threat. I plan at least 2 more things.

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