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The Eraser

The Eraser

1. The Beginning

My life didnt turn out how it shouldve. It all starts from the beginning. First Earth, Venus, then a series of planets outside the solar system. The worlds gained new rulers. What was once the Middle East Europe, Asia, Australia, North and South America and Africa, all united under one supreme empire, the Terran Republic.

T.R. began the exploration throughout the galaxy, until they hit something. The Terran Republic found an open wormhole, leading to mysterious outgoings of space. The travel between our present world to a world of unbelievable areas, or in other words, in a galaxy far far away. My great-great grandfather led this expedition to see where the rabbit hole would end. The travel went successfully, it led to a new planet, a planet that was suitable for life. They named the planet Auraxix.

There was a surprise however, someone inhabited this world before they arrived. Marks all over the place showed it, but theres no one there to prove it. The aliens gates that allow you to warp from place to place batteries that run on energy from the under ground. The named the owners of the technology the Vanu. Now every vehicle, machines, energy sources, all run on the alien type power. One thing that changed it all was the rebirthing system. Tubes that spawn you after death just by the coding of your DNA. They based all their technology on three main continents, and shielded them with the power of the anti-weapon bubbles that surround the warp gates. Each continent had their own main labs that produce many equipment for exceptional resources: speed, heavy weaponry, and where most of the Vanu artifacts are stored. Later on in less than a few months, new continents were found and more construction of bases began. All seemed perfect for this expedition, all until hell decided to take the wheel.

Day 132 of the expedition, the gateway from here to home, the gate that led humans to this lush and fertile planet, collapsed. It was like the beginning of Global War VI. VI started when Earth, the beginning of life, blew up by E.T.s we called superior, just this was way worse. Mass rioting filled the three main bases, killings, chaos filled this new planet. Religious groups had their ways, starting protests for what the hell would happen to them in this world. My great-great grandfather became too old and past this responsibility to his son, who had the lower hand of the deal, everything was going down; he along with his father, my great-great grandfather, were assassinated. People took this as an advantage to survival and stole antiques Vanu artifacts for their own glory. Others took heavy weapons just for prizes on their walls. Both criminal groups noticed how easy it would be to over run the Terran Republic empire; both had their beliefs, however, and declared themselves enemies of each other.

Still they had major advantage over the Terran Republic. The criminal groups then took both main continents from where ever their items came from hostage, in order for the Terran Republic and the other groups to surrender. Since each had their upper hands, war broke out. Each group siege three separate continents and directly connected them to their home continent. The rest of the war went to continents not directly connected to one another.

Over time the two criminal groups took names for their rights. The criminals that took the Vanu artifacts and continent were called the Vanu Sovereignty, and uses the Vanu technology to power their weapons and for more mobilization, they believe that the Vanu could change the ways humanity looks on life; The group that stole and captured the heavy weaponry factory are called the New Conglomerate, using the heavy firepower in mainly shotgun-like weaponry along with long barrels, they also want freedom unlike what Terran Republic supported; the Terran Republic was left with the fast repeat rate equipment which all in all is pleasant, but nothing would be better than to regain control of this expedition, reopen the wormhole that led us to this mysterious world, thus it requires loyalty, loyalty until death.

42 years later, my mom gave birth to me, but captive to the V.S. since we are followers of T.R. 21 years after that, I was brought back by a guy named James F. Smith, but prefers the name *******, but he could only bring back me, since it was execution day for both of us and my mother was terminated only 20 minutes before I was rescued. ******* took me as his pupil, he taught me the latest ways warfare could ever get. I was the built for war, my name is Jason P. Ryan, I go by the name Bugger. My duty is to finish an old score, scores of DNA from the other factions New Conglomerate and Vanu Sovereignty. This war will end, they will be erased.


this is like the intro and stuff, the "real" story behind the expidition. .........errr.....comments?
PS Storys:
The Eraser
The New World (5Chap.)

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2. Work In Progress

Bugger, get the back way. The front is full of damn N.C. The AMS is set 50 yards from the backdoor, take the spawn tube in the tower and get to that AMS.


Once again, we get around to Cyssor, a N.C. filled wasteland Deconstruction myself inside the spawn tube and checking my weapons, Punisher, Cycler, and my trusty ammo stockings. The timer elapse time was a fast one, in an instant I was right out of the tubes and out of the invisible bubble that surrounded the AMS. This battle was nothing, I couldve walked right up to the courtyard with nothing but a Repeater. But I do as I am told, even though Im smarter than Red.


BOOM, the AMS lit in flames from a Vanguard just 100yd away.

Crap that thing is gonna bite me., my feet thought and they brought me right through the back door.

Now safe inside the walls, I run for the command consol. This, a Bio Lab, hopefully my guys are right down the hall. Click. I stepped on something, and something a little round. My eyes shifted downward only to see a deployed boomer, and not a T.R. boomer (crap.). I sprinted an nearly too late, the boomer exploded. As I fell to the ground, I noticed a figure move to the side, a blur. He was the one who tried to blow me up.

Die bitch.

I wasted him. The little bitch deserved to leave the area, luckily we blew their AMS 15 minutes ago so they couldnt respawn anywhere near here. I walk more deeper into the hallway, hoping to see no more cloaked N.C. ****. Once I entered the hallway towards the command console, I nearly jumped. I could count around 20 dual-pounder and cycler MAXs along with a shit load of foot soldiers.

3:40 on the hack soldiers! yelled a guardsman. I turned thinking that he needed no help. Bugger come back here! (damn it) You hack?

Yes sir, I replied.

K then, you see these two grunts here? Two Pounder MAXs stood in black coverings from what looked like burns from the rocket silos of a N.C. Reaver. Theyre all beat up, I need you to hack that medical station upstairs, and probably the equipment terminal too.

Yes sir!

The two grunts followed me up the stairs, cautiously. They had the right to anyways. Just before the I reached the door, it opened. The two MAXs opened up their gun sacks and then blew the N.C. soldier to hell.

Thanks, I stuttered.

They just grunted at me. Hmp, what grunts. We reached the terminals safely untouched (besides of the little encounter with a N.C. nerd). I got both terms hacked without any thank you, they both went on their on doings while I stood guard.

Are you done yet? barked one MAXs.



Go do something, Im not done!

The two MAXs got alittle hostile at this point.

Get off the fucking term!



Suddenly something cracked. All attention was taken off the MAXs and on to the empty main room.

Was that you?

The guardsmans voice was now the only noise in the room. Bugger, whats going on up there? Bugger? Static filled the head phone.

Are your jammers on? I asked.

Both shook their heads. I turned towards the front door and walked outside. A few minutes ago it was jam packed with N.C., now empty and full of Prowlers and foot soldiers along with Reavers over head finding landing spots. Suddenly a big blue beam hit the ground. A big whirling noise followed, everyone stared at it blankly.

What the-

Suddenly a big boom could be heard somewhere not too far.

One soldier in big pack of MAXs suddenly burst. ORBITAL STRIKE!!!

People all over started screaming and running for their vehicles, Reavers punched their after burns to attempt to fly away, others ran for the nearest rock. Suddenly strands of electricity replaced the beam of light, I ran for whatever I could, and leaped under the stairs leading to the medical term. All that could be seen or be heard was fire and roars of explosions.

PS Storys:
The Eraser
The New World (5Chap.)

Living is easy with eyes closed.
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K, as yall should know, other name aint working so i gota post from this name, its still the same story.

3. Nobodys Listening

My heart still beats, though should I get up? I couldve chosen to respawn, but not now.

Hello? I yell, only to hear my voice echo back at me.

I raise my head only to find my body stripped of everything but a few clips of ammo. What was once the main hall of the Bio Lab was now the hall of no ceiling. The walls where shattered like glass, the equipment terminals where taken apart like Lego pieces, nothing was in place and without a scratch.

I started to rise pushing the debris aside, and noticed my foot was clamped between the staircase and the medical terminal. I couldnt feel anything, it was too numb. I couldnt help but sit there.

Hello? I yelled once more but got no response, at least no response from my empire-or any empire.

I notice dust and debris falling from the walkway above me, the ledge was going to fall on me. I pulled on my leg harder making no progress. Suddenly the walkway collapsed.

I was still alive. I looked down to find my foot released from between the staircase and the medical terminal. Crawling from the cave of debris I find that the two grumpy MAXs were shredded, bent, made into a really big beach ball. Their weapons however still in mint condition. I get to my feet and head to the nearest exit leading outside. It was jammed shut. Seeing nothing to get under the door, I kick it. It literally shattered, and it opened a very gruesome sight. Tons of dead bodies laid on the ground, hulls of tanks and planes were planted into the ground.

Hello? I shouted again receiving only a breeze of wind.

I had no choice, it was time to walk to the extraction point, that is if its not also a graveyard. I could respawn back at the sanctuary, but Im on the hasnt died in 4 months list, I cant stop now.

I reach the top of the hill and suddenly regained hope. A Deliverer stood at the bottom. I dont care what happens, I ran. Almost to the Deliverer I notice the door is open, and a leg is hanging out of it. BOOM! I fell to the ground too fast, and it wasnt just from the sonic boom the Deliverer made. I turn my head to find a NC soldier with a Jackhammer behind my head. Then several NCs came, and in the background I could hear vehicles coming. One yanked on my collar and pulled me up, I was face to face with the one who set off the Orbital Strike.

What should we do with him sir?



NO! Yelled the Command Rank 5. Youre all fools! You see what we got here, we got a hostage. We could learn from this jack off, cant we? He turned his head to me. So, you lived. What a surprise. You know what I do to survivors? He pulled out his knife and held it at my neck. Id kill you, but since you so lucky to live through that I think Ill spare you

I turned my head from him, seeing that I was surrounded by a full army of NC.

Hey dont ignore me! He yanked my head back. You better listen to me, or Ill reconsider my thoughts. Dont mess with the all mighty Jefferson, Ill fucking kill you.

I look at his eyes, they were as red as hell. My face broke into a small smile. Try me.

Jeffersons face turned red with fury. He kicked me to the ground and grabbed who Im guessing second in commands gun and held it at my head.

No no, try me.

Suddenly explosions could be heard. Jefferson backed up and looked at the sky, then turned quite pale


I flip backwards towards the wrecked deliverer and then underneath it. The NC scattered. Shooting at anything that shot back. Jefferson ran to his Enforcer and drove off, with the rest of the vehicles along side. The Reavers followed in attack formation. I looked up and a group of paradroppers came down to my aid.

You alright? Said one

Kind of. I mumbled

Two more came from the Galaxy flagging it where to land.

Can you walk? He asked again.

I did I was getting dizzy.

K, hes at 7% health, I think hes going to loose it. Lets get him to the Gal! He yelled

They all picked me up by the arms and legs and brought me to the back of the galaxy.

Here take these pills, youll briefly fall asleep so we can operate

I ate them and instantly became drowsy, everything became a blur. Now something more friendlier could be heard, the engines of a TR Galaxy.


:edit: spaced out so its kinda easier to read.

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Not bad. A little hard to follow in some places, but a great concept.
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good story so far, keep it comin
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Thx for the comments. But sry for the 2 month chapter, even though this took like 30 minutes to type.....I'm going to try to get this done before Core Combat gets released because....well....thats when the next story is going to start. OK, enough chitchat. ch. 4!

4. Orders In Bed

The pain in my foot is gone, my heart isnt pumping, my hand is numb. Am I dead? Wait, my hand is numb. Im alive.

The lights are on, my leg is wrapped in healing pads, my hand is still pretty bloody. And someone is in this room too.

I managed to speak, How long was I out?

Four days.


You gave us all quite a scare, we though you were going to respawn in the pot.

What did I break?

Foot, ankle, basically broke the whole damn leg everywhere; wrist and arm; broke several ribs, and 2 disks in your back.

How am I know? Examining all the pads on myself.

Your foot and ankle are still healing, theyll be done tomorrow. However, your arm and wrist should be healed and you ribs and disks are ok. What happened out there, I mean I know I respawned after the orbital strike, but what happened after that?

Long story.

Well its either going to be told to me..or him.

My eye shifted off of my arm into the window. I faced ******* to find another husky man besides him.

His name is Jake Chevys. Hes lieutenant of an organization that he and myself hope you will join, said Red, now turning his attention to Chevys.

Ive heard that the team that picked you up had to drive away some NC, started Chevys. The people who supposedly set off the OS. Do you remember them? I nodded. Do you know any of them, like a name or two?

All I could remember is that one command rank 5, his words still sinking throughout my mind.

One guy, said his name was Jefferson. He wanted to keep me, or kill me. I cant remember.

His punch line was dont mess with the all mighty Jefferson, right?

I nodded.

Ha, I remember him. We actually held him for ransom too. We caught him trying to hack our Galaxy.what a fool.

His smile disappeared, thismission.he was going to ask me to participate in was important, and is probably related to what happened in the past few days.

Bugger, the attack on Wele was a setup by the NC. They wanted you guys in there.


Because more than half the soldiers on the attack didnt have their
DNA stored in the database.

You mean we sent them into the middle of hell with just a Cycler?

No, I mean the NC hacked into our mainframe at a Bio-Lab owned by us, and somehow got into the DNA databases for anyone within 3k meters of that particular base. They basically deleted DNA files making it impossible for the chips in both the corpse of the soldier and in the computer to read correctly, so they couldnt be processed to any spawn tubes.

So.that group that saved me.they came to save the people that where naked?


How did you know?

We didnt, we noticed right after the explosion that no one was respawning anywhere, besides the ones that still had their DNA stored in the database. After the group grabbed you, they scanned the area and found no one was alive. And shortly after we got you here, we found out that some peoples names where highlighted red on the computer, which means the chip in either bodys have malfunctioned in some way. And sadly, all the people with their names highlighted were dead. And finally, we noticed an unknown user was in the system before the strike.

It took time to make sense but I could see where its going.

Was my name among the malfunctioned soldiers?

Both Chevys and Red nodded. My face turned paler. I looked death in the eye, I taunted it, I smiled at it, and I rolled away from it.

What do you want me for?

We got information from the hacker that hacked the system, we are going to using his ISP to get into the NC and VS mainframes.

But how the VS? None of this made any sense.

It doesnt matter, we will give you a special made REK with the NCs soldiers ISP so it will look like if the guy was breaking into the database instead of you.

Me? I knew I was going to do this, but for the hell of it Ill look surprised.

Oh yeah. You are doing this all. Do you accept?

Yeah. But what about my DNA? Still fearing deaths breath.

We got it working again, you can respawn as much as you like, if you want to break your no-spawning record right now.

He laughed and got up from his chair. Shaking my hand, he had some weird look in his eyes.

So, you will be better tomorrow. You will grab your orders on the table here for your first mission. Youre to do it within a quarter of the day.

Yes sir, I replied.

Chevys walked out the door and Red got up.

Funny guy.well, not right now. Jake is always like that, kind of scares me. Red chuckled, but resumed his serious look. You ok kid?


Well you shouldnt be, you slept 4 damn days. Guess what, your gona sleep 5. Later, see you tomorrow in combat.

Red smiled and also walked out of the room. Too much to think now, I couldve died, I couldve said no, I couldve asked Red to stay, Im going to sleep.

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I like! I like!
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better than mine is...(please read "From the Darkness" and my other thread "Networking" on this forum)
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When I get time I will space this out, like tomarrow or something. Here yall go (like my creative chapter title? ):

5. Engines the size of Galaxys

Red.Blue.Chevys.Knife.At my eyes.
I awoke, sweating like hell. I cant remember what I dreamed of, all I remember was deep breathing and something sharp. Well that was then, what was now? I scanned the room. All the healing pads are off, my hand was finally washed, a paper and my gear laid upon the table. Oh yeah, mission #1.
I got up from the bed, and walked over to the table where my orders were left.
Get suited, get outside, youll get your orders on the way. -Chevys
So, was Chevys leading this? More or likely, he was the one who talked to me. But since hes the one who is the leader of this.Outfit.why does he go to battle when he could get killed just as easily as I could?
Infiltration Suit, Repeater, and the REK with the upgrade. It looks like a drill to me, with its extension outward and mini-computer on it. Well it better hack faster, or I got a complaint.
Now outside a Harasser awaits, with no other than *******. I jumped in and he pulled off.
Sup Red?
Youre a little late.
I was backtracked.
On the toilet? My face reddened. K were heading to Solsar, the Galaxys are at the Ceryshen Villa waiting for you. Youll jump in the second one, Im in the third, and Chevys is in the first since hes flying and leading this raid. I knew he was somewhere in this. Aight?
Yeah. Though what base are we hitting?
Everyone but us are hitting Seth, were getting Aton. Youll be coming right over the mountains and fly by as if you dropped your load, and then head to Aton and do a low drop just behind the hill. Hopefully they wont notice you because you are going to be going faster than anyone ever has.
What do you mean, Galaxys are like the ANTs that fly.
You know how fast a warp is. Now imagine if you could go that fast on a continent. Of course the afterburners will keep us at that speed for about 3 seconds and then the Galaxy will slow to cruising speed if not turn into a fireball and blow up. But dont worry, the pilot is the one who broke the Mosquito record, he knows what hes doing.
Red gave a grin and as always, resumed his pissed off look. OK back to the mission. Once you drop, you and 4 others will go to the backdoor and get in. Once in you will all proceed to the spawning facility where they genetically reborn people. There is a computer there and that is where you will hack, your REK will turn into what I think looks like a drill, yeah thats what I think too. And then you will stick it into the circular port and hack into the mainframe. From there on, you could work on the desk with all the little gismos and gadgets and terminate DNA and if possible, play a little Solitaire. Alright?
Right. I answered.
The Villa was now visible and so were the Galaxys. Red drove and stopped by the second Galaxy, and let me off. He winked and drove to the rear of the third Galaxy where someone took place of gunner, then he drove into the cargo bay. I jumped into the Galaxy and sat next to one of the cloakers that was going to be at my aid during this raid. Then static filled the radio.
Chevys voice came out of the speaker. Alright please observe.the fasten seatbelt and no smoking lights are on. Sit back and enjoy your flight.
Then the engines came to life, roaring louder than the muffler on my old Harasser. The Galaxy rocked and then afterburners made the Galaxy tilt backwards. Chevys was starting to speak again.
Alright, we are 10 minutes late because of Bugger. Im leader of the Platoon as you all know. Im Alpha team, Buggers Bravo team, and Bridget is Charlie team. Besides who the hell is Bridget, Im leader? Hmm The HART can not give us a satellite view of Seth or Aton right now so we are playing it as if the enemy are still at their current spots. Hold on a second, entering warp gate.
The Galaxy pitch backwards and loud whistling could be heard outside. The engines were louder than before. Then the whole Galaxy pitched forward and leveled out, the guns ringed telling use that we just got out of the shield. Chevys started again.
As you all know, the next gate will be a hard one. Well be going faster than any Gal has ever gone, especially Bravos Gal. We will be decoying Bravo as well as taking Seth. They will come back once the hack on Seth is done, this is when we hope we killed all the negative enemies. Bravo and Charlie Team, are you ready?
Yes sir! Me and Bridget yelled.
Alright. Ok people, suck it up, here we go!
The weapons went offline and then we went through the gate. Whistling commenced once more. Suddenly, the engines roared louder than they ever have and ever will. The Galaxy pitched far back, tires screeched in our cargo bay. Then the whistling stopped but the engines still roared like hell, and even louder when the afterburners came on. Red lights flashed. The Galaxy was in disaster state. Suddenly the engines fell silent, and just as fast as they went off they went back on, but now the Galaxy pitched forward hard. More tire screeching went on in the cargo bay.
I opened the eyeholes. WE WERE HEADING STRAIT FOR THE GROUND!!! I looked at the other cloaker, he was bracing himself. I turned to look outside, the ground was within 100 meters..50..10.. BOOM!

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6. Game Day

I was getting hit on the side of the head. My sight was blurry, but then came upon a husky guy, the pilot.
You ok sir? He asked, shaking.
Yeah, what happened? We got a respawn count?
Yes sir. Three Infiltrators, one Pounder MAX, and two foot soldiers respawned back home since the towers were not controlled by us yet, they just messaged me and said the HART is coming in 5 minutes. Sir, we got now one cloaker, one MAX, but still enough foot soldiers to last. The Marauder though got beat up, it could be repaired. This Galaxy cant though, sir.
Does Chevys know?
Yes sir. He got mad, hes going to send his cloakers, sir.
Tell him I dont need his men, I could work with this. You, the MAX, and the rest of the soldiers keep this site under supervision, and get the Marauder fixed or else you fellas arent living too long. Me and the other cloaker are going hacking.
Yes sir!
I unbuckled my seatbelt, and got up and out of the remaining Galaxy. The engine on my side was partly ripped off and the other one blew apart with the wing itself, from what it looks like, when we hit the ground. The Galaxy doors were either caved in or blew off when we hit the ground. The Marauder was dented all over and one of the guns where missing, probably also flew off wit everything else. The cloaker that was next to me ran up to me, I guess he was the surviving Infiltrator. He stopped and saluted.
Sir, reporting for duty, Sir!
Whats your name boy?
Trent W. Smith, Sir!
Come with me Smith.
Yes Sir!
And you could loose the saluting accent kid.
Thanks. He said with relief.
You forgot the Sir.
Sorry Sir.
Heh, I chuckled. Common, lets get this over with.
Yes Sir.
And turn your suit on.
Yes Sir.
I could get use to this Sir thing, I like being the powerful one. Im getting to giddy.
We ran to the back door, Smith started hacking and the door opened within two seconds. I ran in and he followed. It was quiet. We came to the spawn room, hacked, and got in. But just as we came in, someone just came out of a tube. I waved Smith to stop. The NC soldier went to the equipment terminal and suited up, then ran out the door we came.
That was close, Smith said.
I know.
We walked door the stairs into the room full of birthing tubes, 3 of the tubes were producing a new soldier.
OK Smith, put Boomers here, here, and here, pointing at both walls and floor right beside the doorway. Ill get this hack done within minutes. Try not to use your comm. links.
Yes sir. Starting to place Boomers on the areas I marked.
I went down to the computer and found a circular port where Red described where I plug in my REK. I put it in and then proceeded the hacking. Then the desk with the gismos and gadgets as Red said it glowed. The computer screen turned on, and then somehow the DNA record boxes came up, the REK must do that. A whole bunch of enemy names appeared on the screen. I highlighted them and then pressed the Erase button on the extension part of the REK. All the names turned red. I highlighted more names, pressed Erase. More names, Erase. Then the unexpected came up. A name came upon me eyes like a needle. Could it be? Why is it here? Does he have a twin? What the shit?
What ever you do dont blow him up till I say so!
I ran under the stairs. Someone was walking down them. And then the most stupid giveaway was in play. I left the REK on the desk. The NC soldier walked to it and pulled it out, and then noticed what the screen was saying. He dropped the REK and started running for the door.
NOW! I yelled.
BOOM! The whole room shook. He was dead.
SHIT! Grab those other Boomers and place em on these tubes with guys in them. They shall die too. Common, lets GO GO GO!
Smith ran with the Boomers and placed them on three of the filled tubes.
Blow them!
Explosions were heard as we left the room. Guys where coming down and then fell backwards from getting pushed. They realized we were running and started shooting. Smith got his AMP out and started shooting backwards as we ran. We need help.
We need backup, ASAP. Get that MAX on the hill, get everyone in here and is that Marauder fixed? Get it over here! NOW!
YES SIR! The pilot respond.
Now to tell Chevys, no wait a second. That name, on the screen. Should I tell him? Would he get upset, suspicious, worried? No, itll stay between me and the computer. Ill tell him about if we made it out ok or if
I threw a grenade backwards at the enemy pursuers, they fell back at the explosions mercy. We got out of the backdoor and came face to face with the welcoming A Galaxy, 20 troops plus 4 MAXs lined at the door, a Sunderer, and the busted Marauder, and standing right at the door to greet us no other than *******.
I heard you needed a little help? Him smiling cheerfully.
Matter of fact I do, now do your job and cover us!
Heh heh, yes sir!
We got behind a rock and watched, 4 NC troops came out only to meet a face full of Cycler and Chain Gun bullets. Then two Pounder MAXs ran into the doorway and more gunfire could be heard.
Jason, Trent, I think this isnt an extraction unless you get in here, ******* now inside the Galaxy. Common, were heading back to Seth.
Me and Smith got in, along with all the soldiers that supposedly came inside the Galaxy. The Galaxys engines roared, and we lifted into the air.
Bugger, that was nice. We got a pile load of corpse that didnt seem to turn into backpacks back in Seth, you did well. Red, patting me on the back.
Thanks, I have to say it was actually kind of fun, since this is the first time Ive ever went like mach 101 out of the warp gate.
Red and I laughed, Smith sat their since he didnt really know ******* at all.
Im ******* if you dont know, Red, holding his hand out to Smith.
I know though if you plan to hand me a band aid, I dont feel like shaking your hand.
We both looked at Smiths arm, which was bleeding bad.
Whoa shit, hold on were almost there.
The Galaxy landed and immediately we got out and took Smith to the dorms.
Hey Bugger!
I turned to sight Chevys.
You did well kid.
Hey I dont have time Chevys, the guys bleeding bad.
Oh dont worry, Chevys call over another soldier. Help ******* here take the boy down the dorms.
Yes sir! And he with Smith and Red went inside.
So Bugger, how was it. I know we got a shit load of dead corpse that we are dumping in one of Searhus lava pits. Any names on that list made you think you should let them live?
Chevys thinks I know something, he wants me to spill it. Im not going to say, he can chew my ass.
No, they all where like.Chris.and Ben. Really simple and common names. Might as well get rid of them, ya know?
Ah yes. Well, now that all the fun is over, guess what. Youre on guard tonight. Same with Trent Smith. I got that itch that NC will be trying to get through these walls and rehack this base. Alright?
Yes sir.
He smiled and walked to his Harasser nodded, and drove off.
So, guard duty. I get to smash crickets with my hands, play poker, have a drink or two, and sleep. This night seems ok.
But it wont be ok, is that person still alive? Did he die? Time will tell.

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Need any characters? If so you can use ZionsFire
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I dont use any characters exept myself because I fear if i might use them wrong. Plus there are names that aren't names you'd hear in real war....well you wont hear Bugger in it but its a quick call sign. And Bugger is actually a nickname for a alien race....but thats in some other book. I'm probably going to use just last names and the first names now and then. Now and then I'll get a callsign maybe from the audience.

Note how long a chapter takes but i type it in one day, i'm one lazy ass, aint i?

K this chapter is kinda long (5.5 pages, compared to the 1.5 pages all the others are)(and so fare this story is 20 pages). this chap. doesn't end in this post, and possibly not in the second post. So ya gota be ready to read. Chap. 7

7. The Man In Black

It was the Platoon where that name came was an imposter.was it? Maybe it was a shall not keep me from doing my job.smashing crickets.

It was night. Our boys where fighting off in the distance not too far, I still could hear screams out there and the respawn room fill with wasted men. I erased many New Conglomerate soldiers.Im the only one here who actually killed them.or at least helped. Im actually doing shit here, those kill boards showing how many kills some jackass sniper got are nothing compared to what Im doing. Soon, this planet, will be nothing. Im killing this planets races.soon, itll be a showdown between some drunk Terran, a high NC ***, and a fucked in the mind barney. What a sad species we are.hopefully the Vanu dont know how to hack.

The door opened. Red and Smith entered.

Sup Bug? called out Red.

Sleeping damn ityou?

Just got back from bed. Trent got bandaged, those health packs are bullshit up here.

Might I add our posts are up in the Air Terminal room.

You guys got weapons? They where loaded.

Heh, Smith, finally shutting up Red. Like ten of each.

Smith sucks at shutting up Red. Yeah, couple Minis, got few Cyclers, some Strikers, a Bolt-Driver, lots of Repeaters and that piece of-why the hell do infiltrators use these? Red picking up the AMP. I mean damn, it sucks more that his mom. Hey! And we got Thumper, Rocklet, Decimator, and some Chainblades.incase it gets out of hand we can throw these things at them. Oh, and a shit load of ammo and nades.

All very attractive items incase we suddenly get breached and die and cant respawn, then they will less space than before in their lockers. Smith hits Red in the back of the head-not for the weapons, but probably for the smart remark on his mom.if he still has one.

Well, never can be too prepared! Red smiles cheerfully, then breaks it and runs after Smith throwing ammo boxes at him.

I turn around, not trying to participate in this.activity. I notice my implants are turned off: Audio Amp., Adv. Targeting, Melee Booster.they should be happy Im not throwing shit at them, it would hurt. But something confused me. The gunfire stopped, had we taken that base? I flipped my wrist computer open and found the base we were hacking at still blue.

Red, Trent, get up here! I yelled down the hall.

Red and Smith came back, ammo boxes in each hand.

Yeah? Both replied.

Check the computers, I think were gonna get some reception from the NC soon, maybe within the minute. Call in some Burster and Dual Cycler MAXs, get couple armed guys up here and the rest in the entrance turrets. Speaking of entrances, are they mined?

Dont know. Hey Bug, whats up with the cautiousness? You look like youve se

Reds voice lowered. Why? I turned around. Oh..

Three New Conglomerate soldiers where standing side by side up on the mountain. Red grabbed the Bolt-Driver and walked outside. He shot one round, the soldier on the left fell. Then suddenly that one was replaced. Red walked back in and threw the Bolt-Driver on the ground.

The middle one looks to be the leader, a Command Rank 5, the two others where I think Ranks 3 and 4. All three of them seem to have high battle ranks. I wasted one, but I think theres a medic right behind them reviving them if they get sniped, so the one I shot got right back up. They arent aiming for a Orbital Strike, or at least they shouldnt be. Why would they be watching us like that?

Trent, go down to the Spawn Room, collect any guys that spawn down there and get them suited quickly. If they can drive and/or fly, just send them in their birthday suits-oh and make my vehicle ready for me, its a Harasser. Red, get down the main hall and call in any support we can get from Ceryshen.

Bugger whats going on? Smith asked.

I dunno, but these weapons are mine. Im going down there-or up, whatever the possibilities could be.

No your not Bugger, your staying with me till you have the proper squad! Red, grabbing my arm.

I do, I got you guys and Im giving you guys orders. Now go do your job, and let me do mine. Hence the name, he grew red and let go. Then proceeded down the stairs with Smith.

I ran to the table of weapons. The Mini Chaingun is too big, I dont need the Striker or the Rocklet. I grabbed a pair of Cyclers, Repeaters, two pairs of AMPs. I strapped the Thumper to my back and picked up the Bolt-Driver which was laying quietly on the ground. I stopped at the door. I forgot Jammer grenades. I ran back, grabbed a few, grabbed a Chainblade while I was at it, and ran back outside. Outside, Smith had my Harasser ready.


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I jumped off the edge onto the bridge and then onto the Harasser, then I rolled off and fell on the ground.

Need a gunner? Smith walking to the gunner seat.

No. I threw all the unneeded weapons onto the passenger seat. Sorry, Im driving this thing into some yellow fruits.

But Bugger, what if there isnt anyarmy.attacking us, what if its just an OS?

It wont, those guys are Platoon leaders, they are surrounding the base. And I bet there are several more Platoon leaders behind those three. Get as many Pounder MAXs up on the walls as possible, and get everyone in a turret and on the wall as well-including you. That is an order!

I drove away from him and slowed through the entrance. He wants to see me, that CR 5. He.Jefferson.

I stood up and grabbed the Bolt-Driver. His arm moved. Suddenly, 15 men on each side came up to the edge of the hill. Vanguards drove onto the road along with Lightnings, an Enforcer, and a few soldiers with two enemy MAX. The other hills appeared with soldiers and Vanguards. They were going to take the base, they know what I did. But they also want to do what I did. I need to call everyone.

Everyone recall! Repeat, repeat, everyone recall to sanctuary!

What? Repeat that again Bugger, your coming in fuzzy.

What? I looked up at Jefferson. He shook his head, pointed at his own little device, and smiled.

He wants me, he can get me. I jumped into the Harasser and placed the gun between the wheel and drove towards the hill, and not trying to get the Vanguard to shoot at me. All the soldiers ran too, or slid, down the hill. Jefferson just sat their, he knows I wont shoot him.

I aimed the rifle at the crowd of NC and shot several shots, some fell at the bullets mercy. I threw the gun out of the moving Harasser and grabbed the Thumper, and started firing Plasma Grenades at them. Some burned, more fell. I then switch to regular, that didnt last long but it took the same amount. They were coming fast.

BOOM! The Vanguard started shooting at me. It came close, and it was coming closer. It was going to hit me soon. I jumped out of the Harasser, the Vanguard hit it and it exploded. I looked up, the NC were at the bottom of the hill. I got up, and locked my helmet. The front row took out their weapons, Gausses I think; the second row took out Punishers and started shooting nades at me, which were all very bad aim.

Its time for them to die. I took out both Cyclers from my back holsters, and shot round after round at the NC. They went down fast, with blood gushing from their heads and shoulders. The two Cyclers were empty within the minute, and I didnt take extra clips. I tossed the Cyclers onto the ground and grabbed two AMPs and started wasting more yellow fruits. I dont really see why Red hates these things, besides their clips arent that big. I dropped the AMPs within half a minute and then reached for the Repeaters, and again stated wasting more enemies.

By this time I was far inside the group of New Conglomerate, and they didnt fire too much at me. They where only pulling the trigger if I shot at them, and their lazy shots. I ran out of ammo again with my Repeater, and I want to save the other set of AMPs for emergency. I grabbed one of the deads weapons, Gauss, and proceeded shooting. Why do they use this weapon, its got smaller clips than AMPs? I threw that down before it was even used up. Now I got a reason why Im killing these fools, I picked up Jackhammer. I started shooting at the enemies that passed me, more fell.

Suddenly something sharp could be felt behind me, I got shot. I turned around. A New Conglomerate solder was right up at my face. He hit me with his gun on the head, and shattered one of the glass eyeholes-which is now all over my face. I took the Jackhammer to his stomach and blew a good chunk of it. He slowly fell to the ground. I took the helmet off, blood was all over my face. Several more soldiers where left coming. My Jackhammer was empty, I threw it aside and grabbed my Chainblade. I ran to a NC soldier and stabbed him in the face, the same with another. The last one was coming up. He knew I was coming, he was ready. We both ran at each other, he took out his MAG-Cutter. I stopped and turned on the Chainblade. Then threw it at him, right in the face. He fell. Just then the radio came on. Red.

Bugger, get out. Were trapped.well, Im at the Sanctuary with Smith, but they got the place surrounded. Like I didnt know. Air support should be there right now, within the minute. And Bugger, Chevys came, he betrayed us. Thats why were here, he shot both of us. The towers are gone and no bases besides that one is ours, so we spawned here. We think they hacked again, and everyone inside is within Gods hands. We are trying to get through, well send another message if possible. Red out., it cant

Then, gunfire could be heard back at the base, I turned. Only Reavers where there, rockets where raining down on the NC, but then their rockets also rained upon the Reavers. One by one Reavers fell from the sky. They are going to find me, and Im probably negative too. I ran to the wrecked Harasser and hid under it.

More vehicles entered the courtyard of the base. Then a Sunderer entered. Jefferson came out, along with the two that were standing besides him-now I know who that name was back in the Bio Lab, Bridget, one of the Platoon leaders, she accompanied Jefferson. And a fourth came from the vehicle. They all stopped behind the fourth one. Chevys then emerged from the vehicle drive thru, he was in a black Reinforced Armor suit. He did betray us. That bastard. He saluted the man in front and started talking to the man. I turned the Audio Amp up.

Sir, theyre all down stairs, inside the generator room, where they will die. Am I correct? Chevys asked.

I wanted them in the main hall, where they would experience the ceiling falling on them, the man said, Im guessing hes a general of some sort.

But Sir, when you call the Orbital Strike, the generator will surely blow a destructible blow and they will feel nothing but the winds of our empire.

Hm. Very well, you got what we need?

Yes Sir, duplicates of every vehicle youll need, and the very same with the weapons. I also got you guys some Terran MAXies!

Load the weapons into the Deliverer over there, let those pilots drive the vehicles out of here.

Yes Sir!

The pilots from the other Sunderers appeared and went into the
vehicle drive thru, then several Prowlers and Marauders drove out of the door. The general along with Jefferson and his men and Chevys went to the Sunderer. Chevys sat on the side towards me. Once he sat down, he looked up and strait at me. He smiled and closed the door. Every soldier standing ran to a open Sunderer and jumped in. Then all the vehicles paraded off over the hill, down south where their Sanctuary warp gate lays.

Suddenly NC Liberators fly over and most stop right over the base, and drop their bombs on it. The explosions where gruesome, the towers fell and the satellite dish fell back. The Liberators flew away. And within the minute, three Orbital Strikes charged, then exploded. The wreckage of the Harasser flew back and I rolled over.

Engines could be heard. I looked up. A Liberator was landing, a NC Liberator. I rolled onto my stomach and grabbed my AMPs, the ones I decided was for emergencies-this is an emergency. The pilot came out. He opened his mouth, blood came dripping from it. He fell down with a Chainblade threw his head, Reds Chainblade.

So this is where those kills counted, Chevys said the mission was a failure because you got all the wrong people. The people we killed respawned. He had it all planned, but you broke it and kill his men. Nice.

Youre here why?

You were not responding to our message, and we couldnt hear your message. We thought you were dead since your name was negative again. Trent, hack this thing. Bugger, common get in.

The Liberator turned black and red, and I got in the bombardier seat. Red lifted off and we headed for our Sanctuary, in Ceryshen.

Chevys is a traitor. He was one of us. Bridget was a spy. I saw Jefferson again. That general was probably the leader of this all. They got our weapons. They got our vehicles. They got our MAXs! How could Chevys do such a thing? He will pay. I will make sure of that. He will die.


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The 2 post Finally(sp) is here! wOOt, now I need to buy CC to start next story.

8. A Blast From The Past

It has been 3 months since Chevys betrayed the Terran Republic. We been looking for him since. His DNA has been erased last week due to him constantly spawning within a TR building and blowing the shit out of us. He now is unknown, at least we think he is.

I am now leader of the outfit that attempted the attack on Seth over in Solsar. Both ******* and Smith are second in command. We got word that Chevys was seen in Cyssor over at Wele, the same place where this all began. I ordered a full scale attack on Wele. Ive never seen so many Galaxys in one place. The whole Ceryshen villa at the sanctuary was full of aircraft; Reavers, Liberators, Galaxys, Mosquitoes. But what use would this attack be? What if this sighting was intentional? What if it was a trap, just like last time? He wants me.

Bugger, you ok?

Red was sitting next to me inside the HART building.

Yeah, I think. I need to go this alone. Hey Red, um you want to lead this?


Um, stomach ache. What a gay lie.

You could do this, youve been leader the past month and youve lead some of the cleanest attacks ever. This will all be on them.

Yes but, here it comes. I think Chevys got this planed.

Red turns to me, eyes opened wide. You telling me this is another setup?

Yes, I mean no, I mean.I dont know. He wants me. He knows Im the one who truly saw, without me he couldve gotten away dead on the news. You lead please.

Red and I stared for a minute, then he nodded and walk out. I got up and walked to the equipment terminal, then looked up. Loyalty Until Death. This is what it means. Im going to see him, and Im going to fight for the Terran Republic because of all the helpless people of the other factions who believe we cant save them. They will come, once we rule over all, it will be us who save this planets race.

I walked out to my Wraith, parked behind Smiths Galaxy.

Bug you ok? Smith asked. I nodded.

I drove into the Cargo Bay. Then the radio turned on.

Ok, I am *******, I shall be leading this raid today. One rule, shoot at anything and everything that is blue and yellow. We will stop at one of the warp gate towers to help some friends. They know we are coming, this will be old tactics, tactics that they used when we were at Seth. Beware, were coming in with only Maurders, Lightnings, and ATVs. They got Vanguards at the gates. But then we dont know that. Just be careful where you walk. That is all, good luck.

Once again, the engines roared. The seats shook, we flew. Whistling, then guns ringing. The Galaxy pitched back in a steep climb, then leveled out. All that could be thought about is I might see Chevys again, but what do I do when that happens? Wave and smile? Or guns and death? They know we are coming, why not bother trying to cut us off? This was a set up.

Ladies, lock and load. Approaching North Cyssor Tower. ATV drivers remain in your bays. Red yelled through the loudspeaker.

Then doors could be heard, they all dropped. The loudspeakers came on fast again.


Everything roared with gunfire. The Galaxy was turning around, now attempting to escape. Then the red lights went on, the whole Galaxy was shaking. All of a sudden, bullets were flying in and out of the cargo bay. Rockets where now heard. BOOM! The roof grew bigger and bigger holes. The with the red lights now came buzzing, Sparrow MAXs are on the ground. Then the Galaxy stopped, and a whistling noise could be heard. BOOM! The Cargo Bay door blew off as if a tornado just swept through. My Wraith locked its wheels, but still skidded within the hold.

This is Chevys doings, and this is the kill. They will pull us back to Keelut and blow us up with their Orbital Strike, killing everyone like they did at Wele. This isnt going to happen.

I looked at the screen next to the flashing light. The pilot and gunners both ejected. One engine is on the verge of blowing. BOOM! I looked back to see scraps fall from what was once part of this Galaxys engine.

This will end today.

I turned the locks off, then I rolled out of the Galaxy. Suddenly the busted Galaxy blew up. Once I landed on the ground, I hit the cloaking button and I became invisible. There was gunfire everywhere. The tower was blue. But this wont end at the tower. I hit the gas and drove into the warp gate. Everything was a blur.

PS Storys:
The Eraser
The New World (5Chap.)

Living is easy with eyes closed.
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9. Alone

I flew out of the gate. Now Im in enemy lines. I drove out and to the place where it all started, Wele.

The Wraith drove swiftly over the hills and through the trees. Suddenly a ravine came upon my path. Now it was on foot. I swam through the water, and then ran to the top of the hill.


The walls were still down in sections from the last O.S., and the Com. towers where laying on the ground too. I ran to the backdoor which was still standing, hacked, and ran inside. The base was literally empty. I ran to the Spawn Room, no one there. To the Generator Room, no one. Then I ran to the Main Hall, the man who looked me in the eye sat there. Jefferson. He sat at the computer, watching my friends die. Hell go down first.

I turned my suit off, and grabbed my Repeater. Click. And Jefferson turned. He smiled.

Ah, we meet again, I thought you were dead, He smiled. So whats your name? Oh yes, Bugger is it? Chevys told me all about you. You did a lot to help us.well, actually besides for that stupid hack you did at Aton. At least I know you can shoot.

Better than you. I mumbled.

Oh so you do talk, I thought you only knew how to taunt. Hmm, the Terran are smart. Well youre all still stupid bastards anyways.

I smacked him on the head with my gun, he fell. Then I got him in a choke hold. He was still smiling.

I wouldnt do that. Destiny awaits.

I turned and saw Chevys, sided by Bridget and several N.C. troops.

Missed me? I missed the daredevil of the group.

Whyd you leave? I yelled.

Why you holding him, your just flirting with death once again.

Oh crap.

Drop him! Screamed Chevys.

I dropped him, then he crawled behind the troops.

Everyone, leave us! Yelled Chevys. The room was empty, then the door shut.

So Bug, hows life? Chevys smiled. He wants to kill me, but I could kill him.

Whyd you go? I mumbled.

I really dont know why, maybe because we are weak. The N.C. plan to make us all free, instead of cooped up behind a leader. I couldve joined with the Vanu, but theyre all a bunch of nut heads. I mean, the aliens wont come back, they probably died in space. Chevys chuckled.

Proves nothing.

Oh shut up. You and yourrandom phrases. You know I could put my MAG-Scatter in your face and kill you now, but that wouldnt be fair now would it? You need to have an equal chance.

He is as vulnerable as I am, this is my chance.

No, you shouldve done it now. I said cheerfully. I dropped my Repeater and grabbed a nade and threw it at Chevys, then hid behind the computer.


No Bugger, you do it like this.

A nade came over the computer like a feather. I flew over the other side of the computer as it exploded. Wrong move. Im pinned.

No no. Bugger your not good at physical combat, are you? Chevys, holding his MAG-Scatter at my eye. I turned my head to the side and saw my Repeater right behind Chevys foot.

At least my weapons are faster than yours.

Chevys paused and started to pull the trigger, but not fast enough. I grabbed the Repeater and shot the MAG-Scatter out of his hand. Chevys then kicked my gun out of my hand. I rolled to the side and got up. Im weaponless and so is Chevys, except for my knife. He pulled his MAG-Cutter from his belt as I pulled my Chainblade.

So, we do it the old fashion way? Called Chevys, he turned his knife on. So did I.

The room filled with noise from the active knifes. He looked at me, and smiled. Then suddenly ran at me. He took a swing and slashed my arm, elbowed my head, and threw the Chainblade to the side. He now stood above me.

All too easy, he chuckled.

I looked around, nothing to save me now. Im dead. Why like this? Suddenly a sheer pain hit me, my other knife went on. Chevys then came raining down on me. I whipped out my other knife and stuck it through his chest. He coughed and shook, then he stopped.

Chevys is dead.

As I got up, the doors opened again, now pouring with N.C. Followed by Jefferson and Bridget, both furious. A soldier kicked my legs and I fell to the ground again. I looked up only to see Jefferson holding a Jackhammer to my face.

I shouldve done this when we first met. Goodbye.Bugger. Jefferson turned redder.

Suddenly soldiers fell to the ground. BOOM! A Boomer went off behind Jefferson, causing him to fall down. Two people came out of nowhere.

Red and Smith.

Suddenly a whole squad of Infiltrators emerged out of the blue, holding ACEs, Repeaters, and AMPs.

Jefferson got up and smiled, along with Bridget.

SHOOT THEM! Screamed Red.

Just as they shot, Jefferson and Bridget vanished.

SHIT! They recalled! Yelled Red. Everyone, to the Galaxy NOW!

Everyone emptied the Main Hall and left just Red, Smith, and me.

You ok? asked Smith.

Yes, just a scar. I said.

We walked out to the Galaxy and got in. It lifted off. Everyone started talking. Smith started talking about the Keelut battle on Ceryshen, I didnt really pay attention, that wasnt the case. It was Chevys. I killed him. Hes dead. But it didnt change anything. Im not happy. The world isnt happy. The war still wages, nothing has changed. Only Chevys died. No one else did.

Well what do you expect from a chainsaw like knife?


10. Now and Then

After Chevys died, I was granted several awards for my bravery and courage, and for giving the right punishment to the perpetrator. Red and Smith got the same treatment. I never seen Jefferson since then, nor Bridget. Its been said they are in hiding, possibly now working in Hossin or somewhere away from us T.R.

The war still goes on. Scorching DNA records has now been made a felony between all 3 empires, only because its killing the worlds population. Still, war goes on. Our empire is now relatively safe. Chevys is dead. We are in no harm. Lets hope it stays that way.


( There will be a sequal in the near future )
PS Storys:
The Eraser
The New World (5Chap.)

Living is easy with eyes closed.
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