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The New World

Its been like 2 months since my last story, The Eraser . Now for the squel. Just a note this is before Caverns were discovered. And now.....well, read the title. This is just the intro. Enjoy.

The New World

1. Magic Act

This is odd thought the Vanu Sovereignty officer.

Sir, we have 2 unidentified objects in block Q9 and B4.

What are they? asked the man standing.

I have no clue, they are too big to be vehicles and are sure as hell not soldiers. It seems like a building, but its not in any way level with the ground.

K. Call in two Mosquitoes to cover the object in block B4, and see what the hell they are. Once they identify what the hell it is, call in a Lodestar with AMS and well send in any info we can get from this thing.

Yes commander.

The commander walked to the viewing screen inside the Interlink Facility named Cetan, the name of the infamous scientist who brought the ancient technology into the Vanus hands. Two Mosquitoes could be seen flying away from the base to the northern side of Amerish where the object laid. Nothing has happened to Amerish in the past few hours, all the fighting has been going on Forseral. This is the first time that unfriendly dots have appeared on the screen.

Sir they are closing in, do you wish to hear? called the officer.

Sure. The commander walked back. What do their scanners pick up?

Nothing. they read something, but there is no information on what it is. Wait a second, we are getting something, The officer stood to grab a disk and put it in. This is very odd. The metal is similar to the one of the warp gates, so is the particle flow around it.:

The radio buzzed and then came the voice of one of the pilots.

Sir, we are taking minimal damage when in range of this structure, we request to come back for repairs.

Granted. said the commander. He turned to the officer. Tell the guys in the spawn room to get my suit ready and get the Com. Links up, Im heading out.

Sir? they stared for a few seconds. Agreed.

The commander left the room, then was back within the minute. Then he was out the door. He looked up to see one of the Mosquitoes come in. It landed and the pilot emerged from the cockpit.

I am going to maintain this vehicle for the time being. I need to see this for myself. The Way Commander will be pleased with what I will report.

He jumped into the Mosquito and flew off.

Sir, do you hear me? called the officer thru the Com. Link.

Yes I do, Im in route to the object now. Ill talk to you after I reach it.

The commander flew over the terrain like a bird. The water moved out of the way when he flew over. Nothing was around. Then something was coming into view.

Officer, Im here. It is in motion though, it is spinning above a ball. A string of energy is also coming from the ball to the ground. Im going to move in closer.

Roger that.

The commander hit the jets and flew into the bubble surrounding the energy sphere. Then the craft started to shake. It started to shake violently.

Officer Im starting to take a lot of turbulence. Then the gages started to crack. Uh.I think Im taking damage!

The commander couldnt control the ship, it started to spin in circles. The sharking became very violent. He started to drift to the sphere.

Mayday mayday, the stick is dead!

From the control room where the officer stood, the Mosquito vanished from the terrain.

Sir? Are you there sir?

Suddenly, the objects disappeared from the screen. The continent was calm once again.

PS Storys:
The Eraser
The New World (5Chap.)

Living is easy with eyes closed.
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great story so far

btw, happy birthday.
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2. Sonic Boom

Ceal, Forseral, again under Vanu Sovereignty attack. We are under attack. This was big. Lashers, Lancers, a whole new stock pile for the lockers.


******* has turned red.

I sat on a bed in the dorms while the Vanu and Terran fought, and Red stood at the door open mouthed and furious.


I got up, Red was throwing gear off the stairs. Then he stomped out of the room. Once I got my helmet, I ran down the corridors Punisher in hand. Several Vanu soldier corpse laid on the ground, suddenly one came thru the door.well, he wasnt a corpse when he went thru the door but he was after it.

Finally, I got outside. Magriders, Threshers; Prowlers, Marauders, vehicle after vehicle sat in the courtyard. Liberators bombed from above, Vanus came from below. we were stuck. I turned to the north side of the base, suddenly 7 Vanu MAXs jumped over and onto the wall in front of the men on the wall already. Instantly those guys were dead and respawning. BOOM! A tank shell hit the wall, throwing me half way across the walkway. When I stood up, a man with a gun was behind me-in purple.

WHAM! A Lightning landed on him from the sky. I looked up. 15 Lodestars and Galaxys flew above, and from there rained troops and tanks. The Vanu started to fall back to the north-east, right into a snipers shooting gallery. One by one Vanu soldiers fell to the ground. Enemy land vehicles backed away until they hit the dirt road, then they held their ground-and never took any damage.

Hey watch out, Liberators are coming in a minute. Clear your ground! warned Red thru the comm. link at the base.

Then five Liberators flew over head and dropped a payload onto the Magriders. Two Liberators missed the tanks, but suddenly three enemy AMSs and Liberators arose from the AMS cloaking bubbles.

Call back those Liberators an have em blows those bastards to hell! yelled a nearby sergeant.

The Liberators flew a distance and then turned back to start their bombing run once again. Just then Red started talking again.

Aye Bugger, what the hell is that thing?

There was no thing, unless he meant a mutilated Vanu corpse. Whatthing? I replied.

A structure is right over you guys and the Vanu, what the hell is it?

Nothing is he-

Suddenly a large explosion was heard, as if it was a HART coming in for a landing. Three huge metal plates rotated around a sphere that stood about 40 meters off the ground, only a string of electricity connected both of them-and it sat right in the isle that divided the Terrans from Vanu. We pulled the triggers on our guns, nothing happened. The Liberators dropped their bombs; they blew up on impact with the bubble. The lead Liberator was too low and blew up when it hit one of the metal plates; another missed the plates and went strait into the beam under the sphere, it disappeared.

The sphere opened into three parts, another sonic boom roared throughout the continent. Just then we were weightless, and we flew in with that Liberator.

PS Storys:
The Eraser
The New World (5Chap.)

Living is easy with eyes closed.
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WHAM! A Lightning landed on him from the sky.
heh ive done that before...

good work
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3. The New World

I cant feel my foot, I cant see anything, am I dead? Wait a sec, my goggles are dirty.

I removed my goggles, and I dont think we are in Forseral anymore. I sat no to far from the sphere, yet there was no beam of light coming from it nor were the plates circling above it; much less there wasnt even a bubble around it. Around me laid bodies of Terran and Vanu, and hulls of ours and their vehicles. This was all one giant room with two large corridors exiting from here.

I started walking to one, and noticed another energy like beam. I touched it. Instantly, I flew going through the corridor and finally ended at the end back on my face. I got back up to see the unbelievable.

The corridor ended to a gigantic opening, this was all one big-ass cavern.

Why didnt we find this earlier? We drilled, we dug, we went 1000 into this worlds crust and never found one cave at the most. And now we find this. How deep are we? I guess the main question is, will we be able to get out?

Small pops were heard in the distance. Gunfire. I wasnt the only one left again. Suddenly, one of our Liberators flew over head, most likely the one who flew into the sphere first. After him, flew 2 Vanu Mosquitoes. Both him and the Vanu shot back at each other; a few seconds later, an explosion erupted throughout the cavern.

I heading farther into the cavern. And on top of a hill, or in this case, a giant rock to see what was happening. Vanu and Terrans fought below, about 30 on each side. Luckily we sill have some vehicles, the Vanu are lucky just to have 3 Magriders.

Pop-pop, holes started sheering through the ground-someone was shooting at me. I turned and saw 2 Vanu MAXs and 1 soldier running at me guns aimed at my head. Nothing was near me, but the electrical line that threw me across from one end to another. I thought for a minute, and jumped into the line. Instantly I zipped from there to another rock. I ran to another one and went to a ceiling structure. I fell over and suddenly the wall opened. Its a door. I ran through and found another door at the other end, it disappeared too when I went through. Again another zipline I went through. This time I landed by the edge of a cliff on my back and I landed hard. The three of them stood above me, weapons drawn.

Suddenly a loud roaring of engines came from behind. A Terran Reaver emerged from the valley, its headlights shined on the three Vanu soldiers. The Reaver shot its rockets at them, instantly they were dead. Right then, the two Mosquitoes that perused the Liberator came upon the Reaver. Like the Liberator, the Reaver flew off into the valley once more in hope to loose the Mosquitoes.

Then out of the blue 3 T.R. Galaxys flew by and dropped its troops into the ever growing fight with Vanu versus Terran. The Vanu easily started moving back, any vehicle first. Within 10 minutes, all that was left of the Vanu was the lucky few who got shot by the sharp shooting snipers.

I started down to the level they were at, since the threat was now gone. Vehicles and other soldiers started to come too. This was more than what I went in with. One came up to me and called to me.


I almost said what? But then I realized what I was going to say, I was going to say that Im not the best soldier in this empire.

Take me to, I said, to the rendezvous point.

He nodded and took me inside a indented in a cliff side, where a Command Rank 5 stood-probably the captain of half these people.

Ah Ryans, or Bugger yes? he asked with a dishonored look on his face. Nice to have you here today, welcome to the vacuum.

No jokes. Where are we? What happened? Who and where did you come from? I asked.

I am A.J. Viper, 9th after your name on the book. I had my guys up on Cyssor up against the N.C. and V.S. We dont know what happened, not all of us went through that thing but as you can see it took the right people. he looked over to several soldiers, all top battle ranks and even some of them stood as pilots. As for where we are, who the hell knows?

So then, can we get out?

Not yet. he replied.

When then?

He shrugged, Who knows?

We were getting no where. If we werent going to go anywhere any time soon, might as well ask how much people and food to live with.

We have close to no food. We got enough soldiers to make the N.C. have yellow pants. The Vanu though, they out number both us and the N.C. two to one. We do have the most land vehicles compared to them and four Galaxys and Lodestars. So our armor support seams rather swell, just we cant respawn.

I turned real cold.


We dont have any AMSs, he repeated. And with that we also have very limited ammo. What ever you carry is what you got.

We are at are knees and we cant even fight for our lives, this seems swell, I snorted.

Hey wait a sec, I didnt say we would loose without a fair fight. He have however found other weapons inside this place along with vehicles. The stock is infinite, and we might be able to respawn too.

So chances of survival are? I started.

Very small, he ended.

I turned to the others in search of hope, but all showed fear. None of them wanted to go and fight. Death wasnt a factor for them until now. Right now its all about living.

The only way to live is to have connections, and if connections cannot be made with the spawn tubes.

I turned to Viper.

Where are the Conglomerate?

PS Storys:
The Eraser
The New World (5Chap.)

Living is easy with eyes closed.
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Short chapter, read with ease.

4. Keep Your Enemies Close

Sir, some one is coming!

Everyone dont shoot until I give signal, if this is the Vanu god be with us.

This may be it, us verse the Vanu. We were all over them on Hossin, it seemed probable that we would win due to their low numbers. But now since we landed here in this cave unexpectedly after traveling through that warp that came up from nothing, the Vanu were already here and so were the Republic. With them both after us we are as good as dead.

Sir its a Terran Galaxy, fire?

Did I say so, hold until signal! I yelled.

The Galaxy was in sight, it was flying alone. Maybe it doesnt know we are here. Then it started circling us, so much for being unknown.

We want to negotiate with your leader, they called over us.

I turned to Bridget, Call for a landing point, get it covered with everything you got.

She ran inside the building and a few soldiers went to wave the Galaxy down. Once it landed, Bridget came back out.

They are in position, just give signal and theyll eat more lead for breakfast than they already have, she said.

I nodded and she walked to the wall. The cargo door opened on the Galaxy, two MAXs escorted a man outside. Once the person stepped into the light, I knew who he was.


Well well, isnt it my old hostage. Hows life? Die yet?

We need to talk, his face hadnt changed. But first before we do, I need you to do one thing.

Ask away.

We aint dumb Jefferson, I know your guys are up there and you know what so are my guys and their guns are pointed at the heads of your snipers. I look up to one sniper now turning his head in search of a sniper. And this Galaxy is loaded with two extra MAXs just lying in wait. And might I add if I have to Ill call in 3 more Galaxys and 4 Lodestars to accompany me here. So what Im asking you to do is put your guys down so we can talk.

I turned to Bridget and nodded. Then the sharpshooters fell back.

Theyre gone, now what?

The Galaxy landed and we got out. Everyone around the base camp looked up in confusion, holding their guns in case of a ambush. The New Conglomerate were inside the base, every single one of them. Viper came up to me, with Reds face only redder.

What the hell is this?!?!

This is our way of survival. We are with the N.C. until we get out. And until then we will never fire a shot at them, do you understand?

We stared for a few seconds, then he stomped around back and forth.

So what do you purpose we do with em eh? Sit and drink tea? he spat.

We are going to attack the Vanu, I said.

How? For what?

For their one and only AMS.

He stared at me bitterly like he never knew anything.

They got an AMS?

Thats why we arent fighting them yet. If we can grab that AMS and bring it back, we can survive and kill off the Vanu. Simple as is, I said.

Viper broke into a smile, So when do we start?

I looked up.


PS Storys:
The Eraser
The New World (5Chap.)

Living is easy with eyes closed.
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Very nice Bugger! keep writing man!
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Sry for the 2 month wait, school kicked in hard, viruses nearly killed my computer again, and we just fumigaded the house so we've been cleaning. Heres that chapter that noones been waiting for. If i can, i'll get the next chapter in tonight too.

5. Bomb Squad

Before I got back to camp, I had already sent a minor division of N.C. to attack the Vanu. When we leave, hopefully the Vanu are running to the old N.C. base which is now deserted.

Just when I feel Im alone now in the middle of a brutal rage war between Viper and Jefferson, I find that I am not. Good old Trent is here, Trent Smith.

Hey Bugger.

Aye Smith.

We shook hands.

So instead of fighting against your sworn enemy you just made friends with him eh? he smiled.

Yeah, its kind of like that. Just Im also the plug between him and the warhog. Viper isnt happy, besides that we will dominate the Vanu. After this he swears hes shoot them all, and happily respawn in the tubes.

Nice. We both looked at the weapons from inside the cavern. So what is this stuff?

I shrugged, Hell if I know, they found vehicles too. All hover, just instead of opening a door is sucks you in.

They useful? he asked juggling one of the weapons.

Well the weapons are all energy, some are grenade looking. Those vehicles, well two can be stationary one of them shooting something like disks; the other shooting artillery. And another is just a transporter. No not like the bus like a spawn tube to another, just no spawning. All pretty fascinating, I said.

Well then, anything else I should know before I run on my suicide mission ordered by you?


What? he said in a puzzled look.

Red are healing, silver are armor. If you got a cavern weapon use yellow crystals to reload. Green for repairing and restocking your vehicle, good since you suck at driving. And nothing else really. Dont die, I said.

Sure, why not. Its just like Wele eh? He smiled.

Yes it is, yes it is.


We took off after that. Viper in the lead Galaxy while Viper sat on the other side of the Galaxy I was riding in. Looking through the eye portal, I could see structures fly by as the Galaxy weaved in and out occasionally taking damage from going through a zip-line.

When we reached the split point, our Galaxys and Lodestars went in different directions to circle and ambush the Vanu Camp. We held for a few seconds for the others to get in place. Then Viper spoke through the Com. link.

You guys know the drill. Snipers, then infiltrators, in comes the Vanguards and Prowlers, and finish off by taking the Vanu AMS with a brief swipe of a Lodestar. If anything goes wrong, much less there isnt a AMS anywhere, we can thank Bugger for killing us all. A brief intermission. The scout at the old N.C. base has reported a major group just arrived there. Good luck people, the mission is go.

The Galaxys engines flickered back on and roared with excitement. We all kicked back as the Galaxy lifted off and flew fast towards the Vanu base. Reavers flew by in attack towards the base. Just when we had it made, we already had one problem.

Galaxys find another route, Vanu MAXs are behind those structures just- the link to the pilot of one of the Reavers went dead.

Just then, 4 loud thumps sounded from the ceiling. I looked outside, nothing. Suddenly a loud gunfire came-from the roof. A giant hole appeared on the roof, with a Vanu MAX looking inside gun raised.

Theyre loaded! it yelled.

I hit the bail button. The doors blasted off and I jumped out before the MAX could kill me. After I hit the ground, I turned to the flying Galaxy. Several more bailed, then as the Galaxy spiraled to the ground the MAXs jetted up to a zip-line and went to a structure. The Galaxy hit the ground hard, but didnt blow up. Then it hit me.


Just then a Harasser drove up next to me. Smith inside. I jumped over the hood and into the gunner seat.

Thought I died eh? he chuckled.

It passed my mind.

We drove towards the base as war happened over head against the Reavers and Mosquitoes. BOOM! Suddenly we flipped over. Just as we stopped rolling, I look down to see a mine. I looked over to Smith, blood gushing from his chest.

He smiled, No worries.

But thats internal! I exclaimed.

Ill just find a health crystal, Right when he said that, instantly his wound started to heal. Found one.

He opened his door. Still blood wrenched, he jumped outside. I followed after.

Were close. You go up a hill and signal for a Lodestar and Prowler, if you spot the AMS contact me and waypoint it. And while your at it get some jammer grenades. Ill go out on it alone, I ordered.

Yes sir.

He ran towards a zip-line and disappeared into his infiltrator suite. I ran towards a purple building. The giant door opened when I got half way there, and out came a company of Vanu. I pulled out my Punisher and loaded a plasma grenade to send to them for the fire, or when they fire at me. They all to the ceiling. I looked up and sighted 3 Liberators drop their loads onto the group of Vanu. Half were scorched, the rest got up still holding their guns. One looked to me, then they all started firing at me.

Then out of nowhere, two NC MAXs jumped in front of me from a ledge, shields active.

Run! they yelled.

I ran to a wall as they took one by one out of the Vanu pack. Then I got pulled behind the wall. Within the second, a loud explosion erupted behind it. Jefferson stood in front of me.

Watch where your fucking running kid! I called in a Vanguard, theyll be here soon, he said.

A Lodestar flew above and a Vanguard fell out.

Use it for cover, GO! he ordered.

The Vanguard started driving to the group of Vanu. Vanu started running out of corners, just target practice. Then we reached the backpack company of Vanu.

Smith called on the radio, Bugger I found the AMS, its up on a ledge just south of the base.

I looked up and saw Vanu pouring through the zip-lines.

Roger that Smith, I said. Viper were gonna need a Lodestar and a hacker.

Roger Bugger, one is just coming your way. Jump on and give em hell.

The Lodestar landed next to us. Me and Jefferson jumped in with the group of T.R. and N.C. soldiers already in. We lifted off and flew towards the ledge. The doors opened. The company of Vanu all were sitting lying in wait. The firefight erupted. The N.C. and T.R. MAXs stood in front and started walking into them. Finally one hacker got to the AMS and started hacking. The AMS turned to our side.

I called to all the soldiers, Task one complete, need cover.

Just as I said that, a loud eruption echoed throughout the cave. BOOM!

The AMS exploded in a ball of blue flames.

I looked out to cliff and saw a Vanu Flail. Everyone ran back to the Lodestar. Within seconds another shot from the Flail ripped through the Lodestar, it too blew up.

MISSION ABORT! I yelled into the Com. Link. VIPER WE NEED BACKUP!

Another shot from the Flail hit the side of ledge. Then a loud crack emerged from underneath. The ledge fell, and within falling, it stopped instantly.

You called? said Smith.

Loud engines fired, we were on top of a Lodestar.

Then Viper called, Bugger whats going on?


WHAT? Viper bellowed. YOU TELLIN ME THAT-


Viper cussed and disconnected. Several Reavers flew from over head and cleared a path away from the Vanu.

This isnt good. Vanu outnumber us still, Im sitting across from my sworn enemy, and its too late to kill myself; Viper will do it for me.

PS Storys:
The Eraser
The New World (5Chap.)

Living is easy with eyes closed.
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6. Links

Its been a week. Viper didnt take the AMS husk too good, Jefferson and his group of blue sat in the corner making sure we dont surround them and kill them, and the Vanu unbelievably want to hold their position since that one rockslide actually took out more people than we killed.

The day after that Viper and Jefferson agreed a peace treaty to be established and they went to the Vanu to make sure that the treaty was good there too. After that several men went to the Vanu and they sent some to us to make sure nothing would be planned behind our or their backs.

Three days later small pathways were found inside the cavern, yet only fit for something like a Maurder. I suggested to go since Viper was barely holding the urge to kick my ass. So me and Smith decided to take the cruise though the tunnels and see where they ended.

So, Smith said stubbornly after an hour of countless hours, we there yet?

Do something, I grunted.


Shoot the wall.

He took it seriously and started shooting, I made him stop after about two minutes when he was reloading his second time.

Again we sat for a few minutes until we felt a dramatic increase in temperature and the ground was getting darker. We came out to another long hallway that I followed when I got out of the warp gate several weeks ago, just molten lava leaked out several places.

Were here, I said.

We drove and found like the other cavern an un-powered warp gate. We decided to turn around and see if it would lead to another cavern yet with volcanic attributes. The center stood a plague surrounded by a river of lava, and above stood a floating rock.

The next day me and Smith found five other smaller caverns with different climates yet still the floating rock in the center of it all. We came back to the volcanic cavern after finding no more caverns and spent the, or at least the clock says so, night behind the unmoving warp gate. Until we were rattled with the same ear-splitting noise that fell into our ears the day we got here.

I rose holding my gun, looked around and passed the hill we were behind to find the warp gate that was once not even budging, now circling the sphere in the middle protecting it with the same kind of warp gate barrier. Smith came behind me.

Can we recall? he asked.

I flip opened the wrist computer.

No connection, I mumbled. I turned around and Smith wasnt behind me, he was packing. What are you doing?

Were going through, eh? I mean, if we dont come back it wont disappoint Jefferson, much less Viper.

In five minutes we were done and inside the Marauder.

Well, here goes nothing, I said.

I drove into the bubble, clearly the gravity is still inside the bubble, unlike last time when we all got sucked in. Me and Smith looked at each other, then to the beam of light that fell from the floating sphere. He nodded. I stomped on the pedal and we drove into the beam.

PS Storys:
The Eraser
The New World (5Chap.)

Living is easy with eyes closed.
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keep it coming!
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Thumbs up

I just read the story and wat U got 4 a sequel. GIMMIE SOME MORE!!!

Great stuff!
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Sorry long wait, my life called, i had to answer, we've been on for a couple of days/weeks, i just got off, i got to call back in a few minutes.

Anyways, as we all know, planetside has change dramaticly since my last time i put on a chapter, luckly i gave this story the name, so i can actually blend in with what is up to date in game. Follow me? If not, you'll get the point a few chapters later on.

7. Unexpected Hit

BOOM. A flash of light filled the spot and our Marauder hit the ground and swerved into a bush. I turned to look back, the gate was still open. It looked like we were in Hossin, no doubt due to the low fog.

Well we are kind of in the middle of a New Conglomerate territory, Smith said while looking at his wrist computer. We cant recall back, it seems we lost our spawn links while we were inside the caverns.

Wheres the nearest gate? I asked.

North, the bulk of the bases are up there.

Any activity?

Smith looked at the computer, his eyebrows scrunched up.

We are the only two people on this continent, much less all 10 continents. Every soldier is at their empires sanctuary, he said.

I turned my head towards the sky.


Nothing is being broadcasted.

Lets drive, I started. Now. Somethings not right, we need to get to the sanctuary.

I backed the Marauder and sped north towards the gate that led to the sanctuary. It was when we were over the second bridge, everything got stranger.

Bugger, we got a flat tire? Smith asked.

No tire on this planet can deflate.

Then why are we shaking?

Flat tire.

I looked outside, the waves were getting bigger. Smith shouted.


I looked at the other side and a wave hit the bridge. The Marauder lost all traction and started to swerve. The water pushed us against the rail. Then we heard cracking noises. I looked at the bridge and giant cracks started emerging throughout the bridge. Up further the bridge was collapsing. I hit the gas in attempt to escape the bridge, but Marauder didnt move, the earthquakes force gave the vehicle no tracking on the surface of the bridge. I looked back towards the collapsing bridge, it was 50 yards away. Just then the shaking stopped. I hit the gas and drove away from the breaking bridge.

Suddenly there was a big explosion, something was breaking the sound barrier. I looked up. BOOM! I giant rock hit the water like a bomb.


The asteroids started falling, one by one they hit the water and the land in front of us. BOOM! An asteroid landed right behind the Marauder. And took out the bridge, now its collapsing right under us. The vehicle started loosing traction as the bridge started to fall underneath.


BOOM! An asteroid hit 10 yards in front of us, the bridge was falling at an angle, theres no point in stopping now. I floored the Marauder and jumped the gap onto the remaining bridge and hit the brakes. Asteroids deceased their fall. The storm was over.

I looked over at Smith, pale faced.

Lets get back home.

PS Storys:
The Eraser
The New World (5Chap.)

Living is easy with eyes closed.
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