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Old 2013-07-24, 08:25 PM   [Ignore Me] #1
Sergeant Major
Countering zerg farming.

I was originally going to post this in a thread but decided to make my own since zerg's really do need tending too.

I've been thinking on this. A lot. Do we really need more continents? I mean, I'm all for spreading out the zergs (unless it's a large base fight) but I think it will just end up being more of the same. More places for people to zerg rush with bases that have next to no defence. What's worse, people may be spread out on all the continents meaning less chances of large fights.

In fact, the problem seems to be mindless zergs because of cert farming. All people do now is roll with the zerg and not give a damn about a fight that needs to be won. For example, I was leading a squad in the crater after splitting off from the zerg (because that's boring as hell you know). Fair enough, Mao is a big target but I knew the fight would be easy for the zerg (it was a pretty big zerg). I figured by taking the crator, it would cut into the enemy territory and give our side a nice front line to go with Mao. The fight was boring at first with zero resistance, but the pace picked up a little once the place had been taken. Some of the enemy showed up and some tanks had to be held off at the bridge. Now get this. ONE OF MY SQUAD MEMBERS WENT TO MAO TO GAIN THE XP BEFORE THE TANKS HAD BEEN DELT WITH! It was a small fight and the tanks were dealt with thanks to yours truly, but honestly, it's no excuse. Because everyone wants certs, everyone's in only a zerg and small battles don't start and have a chance to become big battles (Though the fighting in the crater did continue for a good while after. Just not by me. That front line served it's purpose well it seems.)

Which comes to spawn rooms. You can't even set it to a kill/xp ratio in an area which would make things fair because idiots try to hold a point that is already lost.

I might have thought of a solution though. Have a XP ratio that applies to zergs and defenders. If a large zerg takes over a base with no resistance, regardless of whatever base is taken, they shouldn't get that much XP. If on the other hand the defenders put up a real fight, then sure, go nuts with the XP reward. The problem with this is that people tend to spawn room camp when a base is already obviously lost but a solution to that that I can think of is to set it so that you have to spend more time outside of the spawn room then inside it to get put on the ratio list and therefor boost the XP reward for whichever side you're on. This should encourage people to actually fight instead of sitting around as well as encourage them to boost their sides numbers in hotspots.

That's my idea to counter mindless zergs. Don't get me wrong, I like a big fight but when it comes down to a case of "must gain XP, I won't help with tanks and get that instead" then it really makes me rage.
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Old 2013-07-25, 04:21 AM   [Ignore Me] #2
Second Lieutenant
KesTro's Avatar
Re: Countering zerg farming.

It looks like they're beginning to listen to the PS1 Vet crowd quite a bit more on certain issues so yes I'd say new continents needs to happen. Especially if you want what you claim. The end goal in all this would be the intercontinental lattice system. Personally I have the problem where fights are too large. I miss just little 12 on 12 skirmishes. But such is life with the Lattice. :|

However I do like the idea of being punished for having an overwhelming force. It might make people less likely to default to the zerg, some sort of ratio could work but at the same time it couldn't be anything too major. I was always one for increasing the time on sunderer spawn timers depending on how many people are trying to spawn on it. Perhaps the same could be done to bases? Just brainstorming with you.
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Old 2013-07-25, 02:20 PM   [Ignore Me] #3
Phantom Pain
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Re: Countering zerg farming.

I agree with you on the zerg. Once i was on a full platoon that collaborated with 3 other platoons. Instead of splitting their men between infantry, tanks, sundys and planes, they all went infantry. It was a huge zerg. And it was boring :l. And more continents is a good thing, because we would have more people in servers for more fights (each continent can hold 2000 people, so the addition of a new continent would increase the capacity of the server, so there would be more people). I also like continents because when I go to a place I've never been before in games, I tend to explore before actually fighting. A lot.
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Old 2013-07-26, 02:55 AM   [Ignore Me] #4
Second Lieutenant
KesTro's Avatar
Re: Countering zerg farming.

Definitely noticing this zerg more and more with the 'almighty' lattice though. :<
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Old 2013-07-26, 06:23 PM   [Ignore Me] #5
Sergeant Major
Re: Countering zerg farming.

Originally Posted by KesTro View Post
Definitely noticing this zerg more and more with the 'almighty' lattice though. :<
That's because it's now easier to reach the zergs. The lattice just made zergs forming up a quicker process.

That's not to say the problem is with the lattice. It's with the zergs that want nothing more then to overwhelm a base and farm xp.

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Old 2013-07-29, 10:48 AM   [Ignore Me] #6
First Sergeant
Hyncharas's Avatar
Re: Countering zerg farming.

I think one of the worst things they did was limit the Burster-distance towards aircraft, but not also limit the distance bombs from Liberators could hit a target. Unless you have a good pilot in your outfit, Liberators can now attack you with impunity and I beleive that gives the enemy an unfair advantage. I also think outposts with those little blast roofs should have two AA turrets.

More than anything, that's a bigger problem than a foot-zerg invasion.
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