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Old 2013-05-27, 11:43 PM   [Ignore Me] #16
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Re: The new SCU system is ridiculous

Originally Posted by ringring View Post
I have no idea why they changed it.
Simple, it's for prevent generator to be destroy before the fight in the facility and give some time to defender to join the battle.

But I agree with you, wait 7min30 to have access at the SCU and another 1min to destroy him give maximum 1min30 without spawn (and with lattice there is always a near spawn for the defender), that's not really a nice thing.

As mentionned before, wait 5min before access SCU is not bad (could add 30s or 1min more to the SCU time) giving less time to defensers but will help to don't have a defenser overpopulation at the last minute who take back the facility !

For what I thing it would be nice to re-add the SCU shield generator BUT who can be activated only after 5min AND in the spawn nearest building to be more defendable. That will give less time for defenders to join the battle but give them few possibilities.

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Re: The new SCU system is ridiculous

Originally Posted by MrMak View Post
The problem is the shields go down waaay too late for it to matter. If you hack the SCU right away you get less than a minute of the defenders being unable to spawn....whoop dee doo.

The shield should probably go down once the defender's influence is drained.
Originally Posted by MrMak View Post
Of course the SCU ara in Tech plants and Amp Stations should be made more defensible to compensate. (the Biolab SCU area is fine as it is.)
Yeah, this is pretty much the problem right here...

They implemented a system to make it harder to destroy the spawn of Single-point Facilities, which are far easier to get down to 25% left on the Capture while still making spawning defenders a threat for re-secure, then applied it to a Multi-point Facility where the majority of points are easily re-secured.

While this system has made Amp Stations and Tech Plants more viable then "Somebody Pop the SCU and we win," Bio Labs are currently designed so that you HAVE to pop the SCU in order to have a chance at winning...

Best solution I can think of is to spread a Bio Lab's Control Points out more, but to do that they are going to need to be redesigned to make better use of the space beneath the dome.
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