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Old 2015-03-19, 05:39 PM   [Ignore Me] #1
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Idea for an NS Heavy Shotgun

So I was wandering what would an NS heavy shotgun (examples of heavy shotguns are the pump shotguns) be like if they were to add one. Here is my Idea. I apologise in advance for no hard stats about this concept, but I have made references to comparable mechanics


NS Duke: The NS duke is an over-under style double barrelled heavy shotgun. Like all heavy it can OHK a target if all the pellets hit, but this shotgun is a bit different. Using "advanced smart choke" technology it has a super tight pellet spread whilst ADS, allowing for a further effective range than other heavy shotguns. Its disadvantages are that it only chambers 2 shells and it has poor hip-fire accuracy compared to other heavy shotguns. It will cost 1000 certs/ 700 station cash and be available for all 3 empires.

Advantages in detail:

The NS Duke's main advantage is its accuracy at range compared to other shotguns. Using a much more emphasised version of the "smart choke" attachment available for the mag-scatter, the pellet spread tightens to a huge extent whilst aiming down the sights. whilst aiming down the sights with the Duke, the pellet spread tightens up so much that it can reliably OHK a target out to 20m, and dish out some serious hurt out to 30m. another advantage is that the Duke can fire both barrels as fast as the shooter can pull the trigger. This allows for a follow-up shot to be taken much faster than the other heavy shotguns.

Disadvantages in detail:

the Dukes main disadvantages are its small shell capacity and its poor hip-fire capability. The Duke can only load 2 shells at a time and the gun does not have access to extended mags. this means the shooter will have to make each shot count. furthermore the hip-fire cone of fire is wider than that of all other heavy shotguns. It would be wider than the heavy pump shotties (blackjack,bruiser ect...) but tighter than the auto shotties (Piston, Nighthawk,Pandora). this would make the Duke a less useful option for extreme close quarters combat. also the Dukes reload speed would be just long enough so that the pump shotguns can technically put more shots down range faster than the Duke. The ADS recoil and hip-fire bloom on this gun would also be huge (so as to discourage players from dumping both barrels at a target in rapid succession and to make them time their shots).

Why this gun deserves a spot in the game:

apart from the fact that double barrelled shotguns are awesome, this gun adds a new set way of running with a shotgun. It sticks to the NS shotgun theme being more effective at range than other shotguns in a different way than what is expected. I see this being a "high skill/high reward" type of weapon that will encourage good aiming and well timed shots. It will be deadly in close to mid range combat, whilst losing out in extreme close quarters fights.

That is my Idea. Feel free to give your thoughts, opinions and feedback about this concept. If you feel anything needs tweaking/changing feedback would be most welcome
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Ghost Runner
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Re: Idea for an NS Heavy Shotgun

Funny part is all the shotguns in the game with the exception of the NS one are I dentical and might as well have been called NS due to lack of ES traits. I would be in favor of such a shotgun if the ES Shotguns got some different traits to differenciate them from eachother and the other empires.
TR Extra mags sizes 2-5 rounds more but 5-20% less damage 5-10% wider spray
VS Heat mechcanic average damage tight Shotgun spray 20% tighter on average
NC Extra ammo in reserve 20-30% more damage 20% more range

Otherwise solid Idea.

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Re: Idea for an NS Heavy Shotgun

I would agree that at the moment there are no real ES shotguns (and the jack-hammer does not count). That said, my idea does not really incorporate any empire specific traits, and fits in more with the NS way of building a shotgun. All factions could use new empire specific items and weapons, but that is a debate for another thread .
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Re: Idea for an NS Heavy Shotgun

Dont get me wrong love your idea would be nice addition to the game, but I wanted to add my Idea to your idea to make the thread more constructive and maybe get others to thow in there ideas as well.

I intend to provoke conversation about the shotguns and to see if others agree or not and possibly encourage a change to the ES ones so your idea would stand out more as unique instead of just anther insta gib shotgun.
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