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GJ Terrans at Forseral on Emerald

It was about 4:00 PST and my outfit decided to start up a mini-raid and lock up forseral. By they time we had about 4 full squads it was roughly 4:30 and we were departing. We got there at about 5 and capped a solitary warp gate tower and moved on to take Anu for a small foothold. Everything went crappy though and we got stuck behind a huge ass mountain(if you've been to forseral you've probably been there). So we were stuck to the south of anu trying to flank around to the east, around the mountain. We got stuck up by some prowlers, reavers, grunts, and a few snipers and had a nice fight there for 15 minutes or so. I ganked me some snipers and some stupid grunts running out in the open :P and then went to try and suprise them. I went around the west of the mountain and tried sneaking into the base only to find another stalemate. The terrans did a wonderful job holding off 4+ squads, and I would like to say, GJ guys! My outfit has been too confident since the supposed 'infamous terran home continent lock' on friday. They needed a swift kick in the ass. Thanks guys, for showing them that they aren't invincible and for a nice fight.
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