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Why PS is gonna rock two years from now.. A thread on a winnable MMO and PS's Future

Author Topic: For all those saying, "But you can't win it"
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One of the main complaints I have been hearing about PS is that you can't "win" it. My answer to that is....
Name me a FPS or an MMORPG that you CAN "win".

You can't "win" CS, UT, MOHAA, or BF1942, yet you still play them.

You can't "win" EQ, UO, DAOC, AC2, or E&B, yet you still play them.

At least in PS, once someone takes your base, you can have the satisfaction of rallying the troops to take it back.

At least in PS, you are paying a fee so that the devs will actively pursue ways of making the game better and thwarting the cheaters.

At least in PS, you won't spend 1 year trying to get to lvl 50 only to have the devs raise the level cap to 60 when you are at lvl 49.

At least in PS, you won't have to spend hours and hours chain pulling mobs to build up exp while you wait for the next big RvR raid to start.

Don't forget, there will NEVER be an MMO game that you CAN "win." If you could win it, what would keep you paying the monthly fee ?

Let the flaming commence


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DreadAlpha...that question can't possibly be answered by most folks here because we haven't release all game info yet.
What will you be doing with this game in two years? Well...considering that it's a rare game that keeps players that long, I would consider us a major success if you all are along for the ride in two years...but that being said, I think we'll be able to do a great job of giving you new stuff to shoot for. That's one of the beauties of MMO games. We can listen and grow over time to make our gamers happy. That's fantastic for dev team and gamers alike. We *LIKE* giving you what you want...as long as it doesn't cripple the game in the process.

So...you keep requesting stuff. We'll keep scribbling it down and talking about it. And together, we'll build a game that WILL keep your interest for years to come.

On the otherhand, don't worry too much. We know that the basic stuff we've told you so far will only keep you happy for XX months. We have plans for beyond that, however.

And even if we never grew the game another feature (absolutely not going to happen, but *IF*), then the game would still have more in it than any other FPS ever created, so I think you'll be happy for those "XX months" or so.

Time will tell. Just keep your mind open until release and make your judgement then. That's all I ask.

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Sweet post.

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Indeed. This statement alone give a strong argument to those who balk at a pay to play game. Unlike other games that get released and only when proved significantly "broken", may get patched. You are pretty much on your own at that point. If the game is popular, you "might" see an expansion pack.
With a pay to play, you have the ability of continued support and community attention and a commitment to keep the game worth paying for. Well worth the .25 cents or less per hour it likely to cost you over a month, imo.
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