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Old 2012-05-27, 01:38 PM   [Ignore Me] #46
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Cheers, I've added a few more bits recently such as a fully rotatable UI.. The ability to favourite certain characters/outfits/servers so they appear on your sidebar under a new section. I would upload a vid but I'm in the process of moving house and I have no intrawebs.. Just my phone, I'll up something new in the next week or so.
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Re: Planetside 2 iPhone App

Originally Posted by Snipefrag View Post
Hi All !

over the last couple of weeks I've been doing the ground work for an iPhone/iPad app specifically for Planetside 2 and its been coming along quite nicely. I'm planning for it to mainly focus on statistics at this point using the JSON/XML feeds offered up by SOE. My question is, what would you like/expect to see in such an app? Please note that it will be limited to what the devs offer up, so be realistic. Remote access, ingame chat, ability to change certs and other things that require authentication will almost certainly be an internal SOE only affair.

So far the sections I'm planning for (assuming the data feeds for each of these are available) are:

Personal Stats - You will be able to configure multiple characters that you can easily swap between. There will be a summary section that contains a number of statistics including but not limited to character name/outfit, current rank, implants, cert point level. Then additional sections for Total Kills, Daily Kills, Weapon Kills breakdown, Vehicle Kills breakdown all in both number and graph form. The devs seem to have alluded to character activity feeds, but information on this is thin on the ground. You will also have a link from your personal stats page to your outfit so you can see their stats. There might be scope for a cert breakdown section, again.. all depending on what's offered up.

Leaderboards - So far I can only really presume that what was available in PS1 will be in PS2 stats wise, so Overall leaderboard, outfit points leaderboard and faction leaderboard. Hopefully they will offer up really specific leaderboards so we can drill down into support, vehicles, classes maybe even command? All these like in PS1 will probably be server based, maybe they will have a global one. Who knows.

Live World - Its been suggested that some form of live world information will be available by data feed, how this will be presented is obviously still up in the air.. But I have a lot of cool ideas about what's possible .

Search - Again, highly dependent on whether this is provided.. It would be nice to have a section where you could search characters/outfits and have a look at their stats.

About - Full of general info about the game, to be honest this will be left till last.. I'm sure there will be many fine wiki's like the one here at PSU which will do a better job than mine will be able to. Maybe it will simply display wiki information or embed it somehow in the app.

Currently I don't have any plans provide an app on other platforms at least initially, maybe in the future if there is demand.

Thanks in advance for your replies,

current population layout would be nice
% tr per cont
% vs per cont
% nc per cont
% total players logged in per server
poplock status
number of bases held per empire on each server
number of continents captured per empire on each server

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Old 2012-05-27, 02:06 PM   [Ignore Me] #48
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Yeah, those things should all make it onto the cont maps. But it's all up in the air, until I know what data is going to be available.
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