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Screens from Gamespot's April '03 preview
Media - Gamespot - 04/16/03
Victorious Vanguard Tank.
Yup. Vanguard 1 - GM Twisted 0
Sorry Twisted, But even a GM is no match for a Vanguard!
One soldier against a Vanguard? Not likely despite being a GM
Vanguard claims another victom
Vanguard taking some heat from all sides
Vanguard taking some enemy fire
Vanguard with a target in it's sights
Vanguard fights it's way into a TR base
Vanguard Tank approaches a tower
Vanguard heads down the road
Another "victom" for the Vanguard Tank
Vanguard insaide an NC base.
View from a Vanguard Gunner position
Vanguard Tank rolls down the road
Reaver prepares to settle down on an Aircraft pad
Reaver speeds inbound to a TR held base.
Reaver watches from above.
2 Vanguards and a Reaver inside a TR base.
Friendly Reaver watches over from above
Aireal shot of a pair of Vanguards sitting in a TR held base.
Lightning traverses the terrain
Lightning Mini-Tank on the vehicle pad.
Reaver manovering for a landing on a aircraft pad.
Reaver dives down for a better look
Reaver in flight
Climbing aboard a Reaver
Reaver on the pad
In the HART building at Sanctuary
BAttle around a Vanu held tower

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