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Arrow [BAX] Black Arrows - Mattherson US East

Premier NC Spec Ops

We fight on Mattherson (US East).
We hold outfit operations at 8PM EST on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.
Op times can change depending on the needs and schedules of our members.

Founded on July 20th, 2009, the Black Arrows [BAX], formerly known in Planetside 1 as the 1ST Special Recon Battalion [SRB] on Emerald, is a growing outfit maintained by dedicated PS1 veterans and new players alike. We reformed under the name "Black Arrows" when the PS2 beta went live, and we've been on the offensive ever since.

We are composed of intelligent and skilled players who know their classes, rely on each other, and use every resource and piece of intel available to them to maintain the highest level of situation awareness. We are NOT a zerg outfit, nor will we EVER be. Our skill as a whole is already capable of turning away enemy forces who either match us in individual player-skill, or have us vastly outgunned and outmanned. We believe there is more to this game than throwing endless numbers of idiots at an objective, and we operate under that belief regularly. If you think you can contribute to this group, we invite you to join us.

We hammer objectives with sheer player-skill. Our outfit operates as a very effective QRF (quick-response force). We train to keep loading times for Galaxies and Sunderers under 20 seconds, an ability we effectively utilize when responding to invading forces. We drop on targets as a single unit. Our members watch each other's backs, and nobody strays from the pack unless they are ordered to do so. We roll into objectives with superior player-skill, situation awareness, and tactics to control the flow of a fight. We set ourselves up in strategically valuable positions and force the enemy to respond to us. We respect (most of) our enemies, and we never underestimate what they are capable of. We fight on our terms in almost any engagement, and the objective is ALWAYS more important than kills. If we cannot achieve our objective, we do not retreat. We go down in a blaze of glory, doing as much damage as possible on the way out.

If you value the PSU outfit rankings, we are the top NC Mattherson outfit.

If you want to join us, these are the qualities we look for:
  • BR60 (soft) MINIMUM
  • Ability to Adapt
  • Situation Awareness
  • Teamwork/Coordination Oriented
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • TeamSpeak 3 and a good microphone

Check us out and send an application our way!

A message from our fearless leader, Ltiy:
For those looking for an NC outfit on Mattherson, I am going to be incredibly forward. BAX is the first on the ground and the last standing. We have been conditioning ourselves since beta against the onslaught of larger opponents and have become one of the most well known smaller groups NC has to offer. If you are looking to get more out of your Planetside experience, look no further. I'm not talking about combined arms or rolling objectives with zerg tactics/numbers and patting yourself on the back. I am talking about the densest combat Planetside has to offer. We are talking double or triple our numbers in weight and class. We are the real deal, the closest you are going to come on Mattherson NC to feeling like a legit commando and not a number. This group is for those that want to be challenged. This group is not for casual players. We want only the best we can get and nothing short of that.”

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Re: [BAX] Black Arrows - Mattherson US East

If you want to see us in action check out Pyronin's or ryno7's stream.

OPs start at 8 pm est. on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays.
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